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  1. Radeon 7870 OC partially working

    I see now that I miss a kext called AMDframebuffer.kext. Can someone upload?
  2. Radeon 7870 OC partially working

    Hi! Well the bar is not translucent what I know ( at work now) but everything is really really slow. If I have a homepage with a banner on it, the banner will blink and it's almost impossible to scroll. Going to youtube I can hardly scroll at all and everything blinks. It says vram 2048 etc but seems its emulating everything
  3. Radeon 7870 OC partially working

    Hi guys! I have some issues these past days when it comes to my build. I can successfully start osx with 7870 but I have no acceleration. Here is a screenshot with info from system to tell you a bit more. Sometimes when I look at info it says 7870 and sometimes it says 7XXXX. I try to combine graphicsenabler with both yes and no, tried some different aticonfig like hamachi etc. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Do you guys have any pointers what to do next? I read somewhere about must having DSDT inject etc. I have never used DSDT before. The system works good except graphics. I have theses specs: ASROCK z77 pro I5-3570k 3,4GHz GIGABYTE 7870 OC 2Gb editition
  4. Hi guys! I have an old HP 625 that has amd. I had real issues when it comes to installing but after alot of trial and error I got install to work perfectly. I used these commands for other people: -amd arch=i386 busratio=20 maxmem=2048 cpus=1 -v -f Now when booting up with verbose I see alot of files loaded. Then screen just becomes black. Without any flags it reboots but a mix of above flags I get to a black screen. I believe it could be my graphic card that is not supported!?!?! Can I fix this in some way without being inside macosx? I guess making a boot usb where I can install drivers would do it? It is a Radeon HD 4200 and reading about it just now tells me it should work in macosx. I might have NOT ticked it in in the install. Can I post-fix this or just need to reinstall osx with ati radeon ticked in?
  5. IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors 64:87

    Nice necro but its ok I had same issue yesterday when trying to install on a amd machine. Here are some commands that made it work: -amd arch=i386 busratio=20 maxmem=2048 I think arch=i386 made the difference for me
  6. Forced USB boot, cannot boot without

    I had chameleon before but still gave me errors. It was the panic error but fixed with new chameleon, fakesmc and another I forgot. I also manually edited my chameleon plist with PCIRootUID=0 Everything seems to work fine now Thanks for replying!
  7. Thanks! Did 3.b and installed a fresh chameleon. Changes some stuff in the chameleon file and got it working. However when I skipped usb loader I could not g et network working. But after finding a atheros kext, I used a kext tool and voila, now everything seems to work fine. I wonder what to do next when it comes to optimize. Will read further about it. Thanks for the guide, it gave me alot of insight Have you tried also GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No? I have PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes
  8. I don't have the hackintosh plugged in right now but just before I screenshotted the panic error. Will try the other stuff later tonight. I think I installed chameleon right but guess I need to edit some files also Thanks
  9. Thanks for creating this guide. I have read through it even though I actually used the beast method, I guess because I was a total noob 2 days ago and it looked most eyecatching to a untrained eye But some info here will help me with some issues I have I think. Made a thread in 10.8 thread that I can only boot from usb and with PCIRootUID=0 flag. With some info about chameleon and dsdt I can probably fix. Otherwise my graphics, sound and network seems to work fine Thanks again
  10. Hi! I have just today finished managed to get Hackintosh working and also got sound etc working. What I can see I basically have network, sound and graphics covered. What is strange is that I have to boot with usb and choose PCIRootUID=0 otherwise I get black screen. I tried installing Chameleon but it gives me a panic error and asks me to restart. What can I do to start osx more smoothly? I took some screenies of SYSTEM INFO and kext where I checked compatibility, would that help? I have an: EFI BIOS ASUS P8H67-V NVIDIA QUADRO 600 INTEL I5-2500k, 3.3Ghz Everything seems to work quite smooth while in osx, I can choose display resolution, watch youtube with sound etc. Thanks
  11. Stuck at GUID partition in os installation

    Just wanted to write that I am in my hackintosh now and writing I do however have some issues. I have to boot with PCIRootUID=0 -f to start osx. Before I did not need -f but after installing ###### and restart I now need -f also Any ideas?
  12. Hi guys! First of all thanks for a nice community with lots of guides and discussion. I have come quite far in creating a hackintosh but I am now stuck at a certain place. I made a bootable usb and with some commands I am now able to enter the mountain lion installation. I can click on disc utility and see everything there. Now is where my question comes in. I have a 1tb harddrive that is split up into 3 partitions. 1 partition is for windows, 1 is a extra for backup and 1 is for mac. I named the mac partition to mac and have formatted as mac os journaled. However, when I try to resume installation it says it can’t install on mac hdd because it needs to be formatted with GUID. When I go back to disc utility the only way I can see the PARTITION thingy is when I click on the HDD top menu. But that seems to format the whole drive. I just want to partition the mac partition. Is it because there can only be 1 MBR or 1 GUID on the harddrive? Do I need a separate real hardrive instead? This seems to be the only thing I am stuck at. If I can fix it I hope the rest of the journey will be smooth Hope to be enlightened PS. Most of the GUID things I found does not tell you anything about multiple partitions, sorry if the info is out there and I missed it. Did alot of browsing beforehand EDIT: Seems that if I goc back to windows 7 and use a partition program, make a new partition without formatting it to anything it could do the trick. The problem is that now the hdd does not boot up windows 7 anymore so I cannot access windows 7, it misses the boot record or some such. Any suggestions here EDIT: Reading this: "Before you convert a disk, be sure to backup the disk that you want to convert to GPT disk. Converting the disk requires that all partitions and volumes are deleted on the disk first." Guess I need to make the harddrive to one gpt partition and then install windows 7 again....or?
  13. Introduce yourself

    Hi all! Hoping to make a dual boot hackintosh/windows 7 and I am on my way. Just some small steps left and probably will ask some questions. Working with an i5 processor and an NVIDIA quadro because I work with 3d scanning alot. Take care all!