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GA-P55A-UD3 + ML = ?


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Title says it. Gigabyte P55A-UD3 mobo, i5-760 2.8Ghz, 4GB Kingston DDR3-1333Mhz,

Nvidia 8400GS,

WDC WD3200AVJS-63B6A0 partitioned GPT, 60G Mint Linux, 200G Users, 60G MacOS 10.6.8,

I've been using a naughty bootloader, with dsts, intending to move to MyHack.


Snow Leopard went in fine first go, has run fine for years (?). I chucked Ubuntu off the *nix volume because I got tired of it breaking drivers at upgrades. I agreed with those who said Lion was Apple's Vista. Now I would like to try 10.8 on a separate volume, not a direct upgrade yet. But the Appstore tells me,


We could not complete your purchase

We could not complete your purchase. OS X

Mountain Lion is not compatible with this computer.


System profiler tells me I have a MacPro 3,1 I used Champlist to assign plausible bootrom and s/nr values, extract attached. I read somewhere that amongst the ML install requirement is a need for S/L/E/AppleSMC.kext version at least 4. My "real" version is 3.1.0d5, but I do have /Extra/Extensions/FakeSMC.kext v.4.2.0. Now looking too deep I get confused, see the SystemProfiler extract which says SMC Version(system): 1.25f4. Alrighty, do ioreg -l -w0 |grep SMC and the result is attached.


The AppStore appears to d/l and run the installer Preflight check before letting you buy. Conveniently it leaves a copy at

/Users/~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/<9figure-index>/preflight.pfpkg

The "Distribution" xml script extracted is also attached here, zipped.

Have I fallen off the edge of the upgrade cycle? Is there something simple stupid I've missed?




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You cannot run the native installer to upgrade your mac. I have the same mobo and almost identical hardware.


What you need to do is buy the ML installer from app store then use a 3rd party tool to convert it to a USB drive installer or DVD based installer.


I use the USB tool, installed the update just fine and once I got past some reboot issues was able to install my kexts and DSDT. ML is running great, much better than SL ever ran on my system.

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I'm not using Software Update. I open the AppStore.app and navigate to the Mountain Lion page. Then when I click on buy, it barfs. Looking thru their support pages it may be possible it doesn't like my 1Mbit/s link, Apple's servers can't manitain a connection for 8 hours?

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Rather than spend hours trouble shooting a system that you plan to replace as soon as you succeed, can you get access to a real mac to buy and download it on, then copy the installer app to a usb and copy it to your computer and go from there? 1mb/s would be slow for LAN, but a 1mb/s internet connection would be fine, take you an hour to DL ML

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