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Windows and mac running at the same time question

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Hey guys! I have just installed hackintosh on computer. Simply put i have hackintosh on one Harddrive and pc on a different one both plugged into the same pc. I want to run mac mainly but I aslo want to run my pc without having to restart the computer. Someone told me Vmware Fusion but I cant figure out what option to choose. I did migrating Pc but theres no way I can have pc running at the same time to install the cd on it.. lol So kind of confused. If someone can please help.


P.s. On my mac I can see my windows harddrive under devices section with other harddrives. So mac is reading it. Just need to know how to run it.. I want to run pc on my mac because i hate restarting sometimes but at the same time I want to be able to run pc on its on still.. is this possible?

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In order to do what you want it is necessary to run a program on a Mac that will emulate a PC such that you can load and run Windows within that program. Think about it - you have 'tricked' a PC into running Mac software, now you want to emulate a PC within the Mac software so you can run Windows! It can be done, but not efficiently. Emulations are always slow and you would not like the result.


Bottom line: just reboot!

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Just some notes:

Hackintosh = a PC that is not a Mac, but it runs OSX

OSX = operating system made for Macs

PC = a computer, it can be a Mac or a Windows,Linux,etc machine too.


So you don't have a Hackintosh on your PC, because a Hackintosh is a (not Apple branded) PC that runs OSX. So you have OSX on your PC.

Sorry, I just hate when people mixing these things up.... :tomato:

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I use Osx 10.8 with current VM Ware Fusion installed , on fusion i've installed win 7 with 4 GB of ram allocated to the win 7 VM , its very straight forward to install a OS in VM ware fusion. I first made sure my hakintosh could run all the basics. Now i have Win 7 as another desktop within mountain lion. youl need to buy Vm ware fusion , you can also try it on trial. ive been using fusion for 3-4 years without problems on a real mac, then decided to install it on my desktop hakintosh, windows runs fine on the hakintosh (using fusion).

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