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  1. Hi Verdant , this might be a silly question, is there any way we can use nvenet.kext inside the IONetworkingFamily.kext? for our Nforce Lan? or is this a newer kext for nforce/nvidia ethernet? i say this as i have it working fine on a zotac 9300 board. Which is also nvidia ethernet.
  2. okay great, with that DSDT my sleep works fine in mountain lion. Mavericks only has the LAN turning off after wake issue. connecting multiple sata hard drives seems to cause issues & Usb devices like wireless microsoft mouse will cause me issues so i stick with wired keyboard & mouse sometimes use old iPhone as touchpad. Wake on LAN works i have to enable it in OS system preferences & disable it in bios. so i can only wake it from sleep not powered off. I have a 1TB western digital HD & this drive always causes sleep to hang so i don't use it on this system. the main hard drive i use is a 2.5inch western digital scorpio black. my bios disabled legacy usb disabled power on by PCI/PCIE devices disabled USB resume from S5 disabled power on by by RTC Alarm enabled HPET Support My board has over clocking section i set the control to manual & Cpu settings like this Thermal control Auto Limit CPUID Maxval disabled Enhanced C1 (c1E) enabled CPU C state capability C2 execute disable bit Enabled virtulization Enabled speedstep Enabled
  3. okay il email it to the address in your sig, i meant i couldn't upload the dsdt to the forum post & i didnt see your address in your sig.
  4. @verdant okay i tried to upload my DSDT but im not permitted to upload it, i can email it if you like. my email is tickerzoo@live.co.uk theres nothing special in it just the edits you suggest in your guide.
  5. Great guide Thank you , I updated my mountain lion build to mavericks without issues. In mountain lion my optical audio would always stutter using AD1998b.FIX with AppleHDA.1062 this no longer happens with mavericks (Thats with DSDT fixes). theres a tiny issue with waking from sleep that never happened in ML the LAN is no longer able to connect to my network but thats no big deal for me at the moment. Thanks again & keep up the great work.
  6. tickerzoo

    WTB: 8800gt stock coolers or 4pin coolers.

    i have a Asus EN8800Gt , im looking at getting the zalman vf900 , let m know if you have the ram heatsinks also , and if your still interested in a swap..
  7. I use Osx 10.8 with current VM Ware Fusion installed , on fusion i've installed win 7 with 4 GB of ram allocated to the win 7 VM , its very straight forward to install a OS in VM ware fusion. I first made sure my hakintosh could run all the basics. Now i have Win 7 as another desktop within mountain lion. youl need to buy Vm ware fusion , you can also try it on trial. ive been using fusion for 3-4 years without problems on a real mac, then decided to install it on my desktop hakintosh, windows runs fine on the hakintosh (using fusion).