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  1. capitanbelico

    Upgraded to Catalina-- No audio

    I tried changing layout to : 1,2,3,11,10 and resetHDA and no audio still yet.
  2. capitanbelico

    Experimental.Ozmosis bios for a Gigabyte z390 UD

    i have this same board Z390UD, i loocked for this file many days ago. i m ancious to try it, but i will doit maybe next weeked. so, would be better if any other user can advice about.
  3. capitanbelico


    try this: is a possible solution from "itwas" all credit to him
  4. capitanbelico


    are any Ozmosis Bios for GA-Z370p-D3 + RX 580 XFX?
  5. Hi, i recently upgrade my computer to a core i3 7th gen and the motherboard I choose is : GA-Z270p-D3 so, I got install macOS hight Sierra a new SSD (Silicon Power 120GB M55 M.2 2280 SSD) as said in the board box it support devices m.2 and ssd 2280. whem i enter to BIOS i can t see it in Nvem , board says not SSD nvem found but the drive is there, even I change pci e 1x from port 1 to port 2 trying dont getting conflict bethewn devices, but same result. i got install macOS but whem I boot clover from the SSD m.2 clover stuck in black screen with white apple, the only way to boot the system is booting clover from USB stick installer and choosing SSD M.2, in that way is posible. so, i thing the issue is a wrong configuration, i m needing some help from somebody here. thanks.
  6. capitanbelico

    The Dune Case: A Cylindrical PC Case

    is it posible add a GTX 750 TI sc to this case?
  7. capitanbelico

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Feliz Navidad para todos por aquí.
  8. clover by default is enabled this GPU. try to erase your config.plist from your EFI partition and backup created in your HD, then restart.
  9. capitanbelico

    Clover or Chameleon?

    Clover is the best choice , also another option is use Ozmosis.
  10. capitanbelico

    (Solucionado) Airdrop no funciona con iphone IOS 8/9

    ayer por casualidad estuve intentando emparejar dispositivo atreves de airplay y me sucedía lo mismo que a ti, aparece inactivo y no se como activarlo.
  11. i did it with clover, i used OS X El capitan app and install immediately with clover, next a little correction needed with audio. it s solved and my system is working 100% , boot up time is little faster than yosemite and scrambler screen during boot now is gone. my system is Core i3 4340, MotherBoard GA-Z87M-D3H 128GB SSD Intel HD 4600 16GB DDR3
  12. thank you, its nice be normal again!!
  13. HI. I a logitec T631 Bluetooth Mouse about 1 year, I used in my hackintosh, but always i got this issue when i have to getin BIOS setup: 1. Computer Dont recognized Bluetooth Mouse into Bios and even when i boot into windows i have to use another mouse, because never works at first time. ( i have to use a klipxtreme wireless mouse non bluetooth older i have in my house and it works immediately in windows , mac and works into BIOS setup. just the problem is too older and its getting trouble with trace and buttons useful). 2. if i boot in windows i have to use another device (klipxtreme above mentioned ) and config logitec every time i want to use in windows, so in Bios i can't never used into EFI-BIOS. i use a bluetooth receiver USB IOGear bluetooth 4.0 it works in OS X immediately, but in windows is not working i've have to look in the web for its driver. my finally question is anybody in this forum has used ultra thin touch mouse T631 for mac into a PC EfI BIOS or in windows without those issues i mentioned before?
  14. capitanbelico

    Best Wishes 2015!

    happy new year for everybody.
  15. what would be in this update?? i hope flicker screen using even real mac with external monitor can be solved.