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iAtkos S3 v2 on MSi S6000 ms-16D3

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I have a question, my specs are

MSi S6000 ms-16D3

Intel HD Graphics Core i5

Atheros AR9285 802.11 b/g

Realtek RTL8168D/8111D

Dual Core Intel i5 520M, 2666MHz

x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2

Realtek ALC888/1200



Installed perfectly. Got the wifi working with the Atheros fix. When updating to 10.6.6 or 10.6.8 and rebooting I get kernel panics or stuck at apple screen with spinning wheel. I've tried cpus=1 and cpus=1 busratio=19, along with -v -f and even tried -x. All seem to keep me at the Apple screen. However when I just boot normally, it panics. I've tried backing up IOPCIFamily and a couple more from other updating threads. Then ran kextutility to "fix permissions" AND ran disk utility to fix permissions. According to another post here I should be able to update from apple with no problems. However, I seem to be having them. Also when booting I have to use a boot disk. Could that be causing the issues? And if so, is there a way around it without a reinstall? Thanks.

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Yes, both were combo updates. I have them on my flash drive, because I figured after the first two fails I'd slide them over to keep from waiting on the downloads again.

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I had a similar problem but the difference is I have an AMD. Do a search for the 10.6.8 Legacy Kernel. Back up your IOPCIFamily first. Install the 10.6.8 update but don't reboot. After its installed run the Legacy Kernel installer. Once done replace the IOPCIFamily with the one's from your 10.6.3 installation and reboot.

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So I found two Legacy Kernel V8 R2 and 10.6.8. I'm going to assume its the 10.6.8? Or are they both the same?

Edit: I actually didn't have the 10.6.8 one on my drive, only 10.6.6 with .7 update. Spending tonight downloading the ComboUpdate then following your directions tomorrow morning. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully I'll be able to put 10.6.8 in my sig instead of .3. lol.

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Well, I'm not getting panics. I'm just getting stuck at the apple screen. If I try to boot with the boot cd then it panics. I'm giving you this update from my phone. I'm hoping I don't have to reinstall. :-/


Without** boot cd. Sorry.

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Edit: we'll, I'm going to just reinstall I guess. I have no clue why this won't work. I've even done GraphicsEnabler=No. Ugh. I tried booting a Lion installation DVD but all it does it stay on the apple screen too.

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I have a couple pics taken. I'll post them once I get a reinstall. Right now I'm trying iAtkos L2.. It booted the installation just fine. Installing now to see if it works. *fingers crossed*

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Oh I did. I only things I really needed were network and a couple hardware things like USB and battery etc.



Ok, installed. Got stuck at apple screen. Booted -v and it stopped at "wowPARAMETERS wowevents 2(1)" and 0(0). Got a pic. Going to use my gf's pc to upload because it's not letting me with my phone.


After I let it sit for a few minutes it changed.. Been like this for a while now.. Here's the pic.


Fml: trying to do a reinstall and not it's giving me an error. "installation failed"

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I think I got it to install again. 2 minutes remaining. Guess I had some setting messed up or something. Also this is iatkos l2.. Not the actual lion DVD because it wouldn't go to installation. Just would stay at apple screen.



Ok.. L2 is back on my laptop. Now we are back to the pic I posted.


Edit: the ApplePS2AlpsGlide stuff isn't on there this time though. Not yet anyway.

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Your best bet is a retail instalation method. Follow this tutorial. I used it to install Lion to my intel laptop with no problems.





Report back with how you get on.

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I was looking through the stuff I had and I have a Lion 10.7 GM USB Hack.dmg.. Sound useful?

**My pc CAN boot from usb**

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Well I have snowleo back on mine so i'm using that.. Have to restore the dmg to the usb drive after formatting it for mac right?


Edit: Well apparently the one I have has some errors reading from the disk. So I'm going to redownload. ETA is 3-4 hours. Guess I'll go play some video games until its done. Then I'll restore to flash drive and try to install.. I'll keep you posted. :)

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      Next, you need to make your USB drive Bootable. Find Chameleon in the tools Folder, open it and install it on your new Snow Leopard USB pen drive.
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      Run the Combo Update installer but do not reboot!! Force Quit out of the installer (hold down the Option key and click and hold over the Installer icon in the Dock. Select Force Quit) and Run the Legacy Kernel installer and then reboot the machine.
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