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Mountain Lion on Dell Precision M4400

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Hello everybody,


these are my Kexts to run Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on a Dell Precision M4400 with Nvidia Quadro FX 770M.


What works:


- Nvidia Card

- Sound & Mic

- Trackpad & Keyboard

- Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wlan

- Firewire



Not working:


- Sleep

- Shutdown


Not tested:


Webcam, Smartcard Reader





- Install the Kexts from the "SLE" Folder into System/Library/Extensions with Kext Wizard

- Move The "Extra" to /(ML Volume)

- Run the myHack Application -> "Run myFix" -> "/(ML Volume)" -> "Full" and wait a couple of Minutes.

- Boot with ML


Enjoy :-)



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I have moved this to the correct forum.



InsanelyMac Netbook Moderator

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Hello, can you tell me which installation method you used, I tried it with retai GM usb version but always stops at PCI configuration etc. .. Thanks ..

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Would you mind specifying what you did to get the GPU working? I used to have the 770M until my motherboard was replaced and Dell gave me a 1700M. I think I need (likely) to mod the NVHAL kext with the proper DevID, and (possibly) a GFX string in my chameleon.plist as well.


Did you generate your DSDT.aml using 4 GB RAM and Bios A27? Otherwise I will have to re-do my DSDT file. (Easy, but I'm still having trouble booting... :-( )

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Hello, i have edited the NVhal, Geforce and NVDAResman.kext


You can try the same and insert in IOPCIMatch "0x065a10de&0xffe0ffff" for your 1700M.

The DSDT was extracted with 4 GB Ram and the A27 Bios, but i still have trouble with sleep & Shutdown :-(

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I tried everything you said, with and without DSDT. No dice: the GUI won't load.


I think I'm going to start from scratch using Tony's USB method. Do you think there's any reason I should be using MyHack instead? Also, wouldn't it be better to get the GPU working using Chimera/Chameleon and GraphicsEnabler?


You include a lot of kexts, but the ones that are simply needed to get the system to boot I think are IOPCI and then the PS2 kexts, right? I guess AppleFakeSMC and NullCPUPM as well. I'm not sure all of the P-states and C-states you configured are helping me boot :-( At least it looks as though Power Management is ultimately possible!

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In other words, what are the minimal edits needed to get Tony's method working?


It seems GraphicsEnabler isn't working without some sort of kext edit or injection. Would a reversion to the 10.7.0 GPU kexts be a good next move? I'll try to edit the devids again....


UPDATE: workin' on it. The first thing I noticed is that 10.8.1 doesn't have a Geforce.kext by default. So I'm leaving it out for now. Windows says the FX1700M has a devID of 10DE, 065A, subsys 02501028&REV_A1

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I'm working on getting ML on to my m4400 with a 1700m graphics card as well. We're you able to figure out a solid method? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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