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  1. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Thats really good. How did you get your SD Card Reader working? I don't know how to edit DSDT´s. I has looked for the PWRB Scope, but hasn't found anything. Can you take a look on my DSDT File please? But the Graphic switching Problem is gone. I has installed the latest bios version. And now if i have optimus activated, it will rest activated if restart or shutdown my Computer.
  2. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Wow, good news! Nice to hear that. Did your sleep work with the HD 4000 too? Can Mac OS switch automaticly from HD 4000 to m8900?
  3. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Sorry, i was ill a long Time. The Nvidia Card works well now with Mavericks DP2 :-) Only the Display brightness & sleep didm´t work. I have made a new Bluetooth Driver for the DP2. Dell Bluetooth 480 Mavericks dp2.zip
  4. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    I have tried to install OS X with your DSDT and Kexts. It seems, that the MPEG decoding works well on the Nvidia Card with XPC. On Chameleon, the Computer freezes completly by ex. watching youtube Videos. Can you send me your actual DSDT? I will try it on the XPC bootloeader.
  5. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    I has tried now Trackpad kexts, but without success. ME is disabled on my computer. I will try to disable S3 level sleep. One curious thing: if i shutdown the Computer, he boot the next time with optimus disabled. So i need to activate Optimus every time, when i start the computer :-D Have you tried your M6700 on Ubuntu?
  6. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Hello Tim, i´ve tried put the Machine to sleep. Log: Power off ASF2 forceoff Power on not applicable Power off 4 second power button Power on not applicable I can adjust the brightness during the boot time. When the Log in screen appears, i can´t adjust anymore. I will try the alternative trackpad kext tomorrow and report you soon as possible :-)
  7. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Hello Tim, " The not powering off thing I suspect is an effect of using the NVidia kexts. It just hangs at the point where it should power-off/restart right?" Exactly, but sometimes it works and it doesn´t matter if the NVidia card was working or the HD4000. " Does changing the LCD's brightness work OOB with the dedicate GPU?" It works only with the HD 4000. With the K1000m, the brightness is to the maximum and you can´t adjust it. " Also, could you get sleep working okay" No. It sleeps for 5 seconds and after that, it´s going on & off, on & off and reboot the System. It happens with the NVidia and the Intel card. "Good job on the Bluetooth. Would it be possible to post the kext or explain how you got it working?" Thank you! I has converted the HEX Manufacturer & Vendor ID to an integer ID and replaced from the Microsoft Bluetooth ID in the info.plist. "What remains to be fixed? - Multi-touch trackpad support. The PS2 kext I posted just falls back to treating the trackpad as a mouse. The trackpad is actually ALPS. Doesn't seem well supported. -> Maybe the Trackpad Kexts from my Precision M4400 is compatible. I will try it, but i don´t think that i will be successful. - SD card reader. Haven't looked at this yet. -> I don´t have an SD Card to try it. - Firewire. I don't have any devices to test this Firewire doesn´t work on my System. I will look for a Solution. - Optimus!? I don't think it is possible right? ->I think, that a future Chameleon update will fix that. I will report you in the next days if i have tried my trackpad kexts.
  8. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Hello, i has tested your files with a FX2000m and now with a K1000m. It works with both if i turn Optimus off, but with the K1000 it crashes if i watch a Video in Quicktime or Youtube. I think that is a little Problem with the MPEG decoding. Auto Graphic switching between Intel & Nvidia didn´t work yet And the Notebook cannot shutdown completely. I´ve created a Dell Bluetooth 380 Driver. It works perfect on my System. I don´t know how to attach Files here. If you want, i can send you the Bluetooth Driver with an Email.
  9. Dell Precision m6700 OSX installation

    Thank you. I will try it during next week and report you ASAP. Maybe i will find a way to fix the GPU switch problem.
  10. Mountain Lion on Dell Precision M4400

    Hello, i have edited the NVhal, Geforce and NVDAResman.kext You can try the same and insert in IOPCIMatch "0x065a10de&0xffe0ffff" for your 1700M. The DSDT was extracted with 4 GB Ram and the A27 Bios, but i still have trouble with sleep & Shutdown :-(
  11. Mountain Lion on Dell Precision M4400

    I used the actual Chimera Bootloader and replaced the IOPCIFamily.kext from SLE into System/Library/Extensions
  12. Hello everybody, these are my Kexts to run Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on a Dell Precision M4400 with Nvidia Quadro FX 770M. What works: - Nvidia Card - Sound & Mic - Trackpad & Keyboard - Ethernet, Bluetooth & Wlan - Firewire - SDHC Not working: - Sleep - Shutdown Not tested: Webcam, Smartcard Reader Instructions: - Install the Kexts from the "SLE" Folder into System/Library/Extensions with Kext Wizard - Move The "Extra" to /(ML Volume) - Run the myHack Application -> "Run myFix" -> "/(ML Volume)" -> "Full" and wait a couple of Minutes. - Boot with ML Enjoy :-) http://www.osx86.net...sion_m4400.html
  13. NVidia drivers won't load

    Good News! Install mountain Lion and you have full Graphics Support on a T61p with Nvidia Quadro 570m!
  14. Lenovo Thinkpad t61p FX 570m

    Good News! Install mountain Lion and you have full Graphics Support on a T61p with Nvidia Quadro 570m!