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Keyboard and Clicks not registering at the beginning!

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Hello Everyone!


I am trying to install Mountain Lion on my desktop with the following configurations:


Motherboard: GA-Z68-MA-D2H-B3

Processor: Core i5 3570k

GPU: Intel HD 4000 integrated Graphics

Hardisk: WD 750GB

Partition Table : GUID

Partition 1: EFI/System

Partition 2: 65 GB Windows 7

Partition 3: Data Disk

Partition 4: 65 GB Lion 10.7.4

Partition 5: 65 GB Mountain Lion GM

Bootloader: Chameleon 2.1 svn r2030(using 1 gb flash for booting and Extras, Internal hdd has on windows boot loader)


My problem is that Lion boots and installs fine, but when i use a Mountain Lion USB install disk after all the kexts get loaded i get to install screen but my keyboard completely stops working and mouse can move around but clicks are not registered for around 5 min.


Anyone have any idea what i can do to speed things up.


Edit: I installed succesfully, but still the same problem booting in. No keyboard or mouse for awhile, although its not the os itself cuz all my Open At Login apps start up and work normally..

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I have a Z68AP-D3 Rev. 2.0 and had the same problem. The solution works maybe for you too: Boot with kernel-flag "-f". Maybe you have to delete AppleHPET.kext in System/Library/Extensions.




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I've just upgraded "successfully" to 10.8 but I now have a problem that I didn't have in Lion 10.7.4... this insanely long delay in the final stages of booting.


I can see the Desktop and the system seems totally ready for action, BUT, the mouse pointer doesn't move at all and the keyboard is totally the same. I've read on some other forums online that it's believed to be a USB related problem and goes back to Snow Leopard on some machines.


I've tried many combos and suggestions from several places but still haven't been able to get rid of this annoying issue (grrrr!).


Any ideas or pointers would be dearly appreciated. Thanks guys.



Motherboard: ASUS P8H67-M PRO

Processor: Core i5 2300

GPU: Nvidia EN210 Silent

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