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ASUS P5Q-E with AD2000B no sound in ML GM

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Someone here, who was able to patch the new AppleHDA.kext and get it working with AD2000B on ASUS P5Q-E? I used the same layout12.xml, Platforms.xml and info.plist files as in 10.7.4. I compressed the files using the perl script created by revogirl and replaced them inside the AppleHDA.kext. Also i used the Bin Patch on AppleHDA. My DSDT contains the HDEF Device and in combination with the mentioned files und bin patch it worked perfect in 10.7.4.


However, i got no sound working in 10.8. All other devices on ASUS P5Q-E work fine, sleep works the AppleRTC bin patch.


Any solution?


Tnx 4 help!

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Tanks for your answer, but that's not the solution i searched for, because of cause my old patched AppleHDA.kext from 10.7.4 will work, too. However, that's not very vanilla and i want to use the New AppleHDA.kext.


For LAN search for LegacyYukon2.kext, it will still work in ML. If you want to use the second LAN Adapter, which provides a higher bandwith on my LAN, use the skge.kext, which also still works in ML.


I'm looking for some help for patching the new AppleHDA.kext. Using the files and bin patch adresses from the old patch doesn't work here, don't know why!



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