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  1. aufa333

    need QE_CI Exotic patch OS X Lion 10.7.5

    same problem here but with 4870 1gb ,so far no qe/ci patch for g63 ,only g56
  2. aufa333

    Mountain Lion installed by myHack

    u need to make windows as ur prim os then open easybcd and delete any booting option other than window ,then boot back to ur ML with the usb and install the chimera again ,it should fix ur prob but from personal exp with the new myhack ,the included chimera dont get properly installed unless u booted into sl or lion and installed it to ML driver. anyway if the myhack didnt work for u or u dont have another installed mac os ,get this Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8 and install it to ur ML driver ,it should work just fine.
  3. aufa333

    [Solved]Network not working

    on SL and Lion ,yes it does. (the 2 lan ports works instantly after installing the kexts ,no restarts or anything)
  4. aufa333

    [Solved]Network not working

    i tried to use the same config as SL but it just kept on loading without anything getting changed ,i read somewhere that ML needs a DSDT or it wont work specially for the lan ,but there are lots of users haveing thier lan working normaly without any dsdt ,GRRRRR. ppl like u is why everyone should carry a gun ,HAHAHAHA ,dam u.
  5. try this one http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2444 btw ,can u post ur lan kext ?
  6. aufa333

    [Solved]Network not working

    any solution YET ???
  7. can u post ur LAN kext ???
  8. aufa333

    Notes for ML installation

    the thing is ,without fakesmc u cant install the os (not only ML ,any mac os) and the nullcpu is for proper identification of the cpu u r using. for using the sleep ,u need to get proper kext or proper dsdt and most of times it wont work 100% everytime ,sometime it will hang on the gray loading circle. one mroe thing ,try to install any os (SL/Lion/ML) without fakesmc and see what u will get ,or try to install everything and don't include the fakesmc in ur system (it simply wont work). fakesmc is made to counter the kext call (don't steal mac osx) ,without the fakesmc this kext will kick and u wont be able to use/install the mac osx.
  9. i installed ML today and for some reason the Network dont want to work ,here is a ss from the System Profile that shows the driver is installed but why in the world there is no connection ????
  10. This topic is intended for sharing my own experience + some notes about the new OSX maybe it would help someone else. >i Tried 2 ways to install the ML as most of the others are to messy to follow ,again this is based on Personal Experience. MY CONFIG: asus p5q deluxe e8400 3.0 ghz oc ati sapphire 4870 1gb 4gb ram 800 mhz oc -GUID Disk to the OperationsSys 1st.Myhack 1-prepare ur usb with myhack 2-install the ML >when asked (use generic kext) 3-u wont face any problems ,its a pretty straight forward >when you are done and on the desktop > drag ur drivers to E/E and use my fix (dont install anything in S/L/E) 4-to install the chameleon u will need to log in to ur pre-installed SnowLeo/Lion and install the chameleon from myhack to the MLion driver (anyother way than that doesnt work). 5-now restart and log back in to SnowLeo/Lion and repair kext cashes ,as somehow the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector stopped working. 6-copy any boot theme you like to Extra/Themes on MLion driver and add (<key>Theme</key> <string>Empire Efi</string> ) to the boot.plist 6-no need for the smbios unless u faced any probs regarding ur specs. (i didnt need it) Pros *its simple, easy ,it does everything for you. Cons *like most of the installers , it does lots of things which u cant trace so u be able to learn , fix ur problems later without waiting for someone to teach you how. *u only can install the driver kexts to E/E (S/L/E wont work) 2nd.The Manual Methode 1-open ML disc 2-show hidden files 3-open diskutil 4-chose ur USB and click on the Restore tab and drag the usb driver to the Destination box then Drag BaseSystem.dmg to the Source box. < wait till it finish 5-open ur ML disc and copy the Packages folder > go to (sys / installation) on ur USB and replace the Packages shortcut with the folder u just copied. >go back again to ur ML disc and copy (mach_kernel) to the usb root. 6-Run chameleon > chose ur usb as the installation destination > click on customize > chose whatever suites ur needs (i left everything to its default + GraphicEnabler=yes & Smbios & Theme) 7-copy all ur kexts (Lan / Audio / IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector / Fakesmc / NullCpuManagement / KeyBoard & Mouse) to ur usb E/E > now drag the Extension folder over KextUtil to fix the permissions (u have to do this or the installer wont read them) 8-copy chameleon to ur usb root also. 9-when u r done with everything and u r on ur desktop (btw u dont need to use any flags unless something happened ofcourse) open ur usb and install chameleon to ur MLion driver (select everything as u did with ur usb) 10-copy ur Kexts to the E/E on ur MLion driver then use KextUtil to fix the permissions (if u wanted to install the kexts to S/L/E ,sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont but in E/E will definitely work everytime) >the latest kextutil doesn't work that perfect with the GM version yet ,so pay attention as sometimes when u try to install to S/L/E some kexts wont get installed. Pros *with this method u get to create ur installer by ur own and trust me this will help u much more than u think ,specially that hackintosh is all about experimenting. Cons *not as simple as the installer ,lots could go wrong if u don't know what u r doing. \\\ Conclusion: even that i tried both ways i faced a couple of problems with them ,mostly are a drivers problem (in both ways i used the kexts that worked on SL&Lion b4 without any probs) >with MyHack: the driver installs nicely and work right a way but after first restart they don't work anymore. >with Manual: installed the drivers and they are visible in the system profiler but oddly they don't work. (the fix is getting an updated kexts for ML as some of the Lion kexts wont work ) \\\Here are the Tools You Will Need (Drivers not Included) it have *show hidden files *kextUtil 2.5.1 *FakeSmc & NullCpuManagement & IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector (u can use the new Fakesmc 4.2 btw ,it wont effect anything in the process) *Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8 (Newer Revs didnt work ,but this one works perfectly) Tools.zip
  11. watch out for the update cuz it could break ur bootlog ,if ur pc is booting just fine then dont update ,its more like the bios update it could get things worse than better.
  12. aufa333

    UseFull Tools.

    i wanted to share some stuff i use/have (scripts and such) for everyone to use which i believe will make things much easier for you with your MAC and hopefully it will help you get things faster and better. *As am a windows user in the 1st place so having a key combination for everything is a must so most of what you will find here is a try to have the same approach but this time on MAC. (btw all the infos here are a personal preference which means you can use them or use any equivalent to them or even not using them at all ,its up to you). 1-The Apps. *you need to get some apps which will make your life much easier because MAC is so lame when it comes to keyboard shortcuts and you have to be using your mouse pretty much in everything ,most of you already knows them but i will state them just in case > (Apptivate "for the shortcuts keys" / QuickSilver "also for some key combinations + much much more" / Boom "for boosting the sound specially if you are using a laptop” / QuickPick "works same way as quick-luncher on Lion" / Neu “to make new text files - very very useful" / HyperDock "to have a prev of the open apps at the dock - same as on windows"). 2-The Scripts. *because i use the Volume up/down a lot ,i had to find something else than using the lame volume bar every time i want to turn the Vol up “i know Mac KB have that already AM a HACKINTOSHER ppl = nothing is easy for us” ,anyway i found a couple of volume scripts for that purpose and they work so well ,they will turn the volume up or down by 10% or you can change it to your likeness (i added the normal volume increment too + mute just in case u dont like the 10% thing). http://cl.ly/021C2k2i1h1Z2h1i0i2R *Mac don’t have a global option like on windows to show the file extensions nor to hide them ,so again i found those 2 scripts + add some minor changes to them ,all you have to do is just drag and drop your folders/files over the script and you are done. http://cl.ly/1o252P1l410j0o2w262q *changing the wallpaper on MAC is a real pain ,not like windows where you have it in your context menu ,so i had to find a solution for that and gladly i did and what it does is it changes 1 pic every time you execute the script ,very very handy script when you have lots of wallpapers ,2 thing to be sure of > is you have to put your pictures in (/Library/Desktop Pictures) or the script wont work beside having your walls in there have many advantages & Enable Change Picture+Rondom Order in System Prefs ,in the package you will have 2 files (>1 for osx and 1 for Lion because using the same script on Lion made it go in infinite loop). http://cl.ly/1U2N1p3r042u3N2T3K1Z *for the ppl who are using “Silverscreen_by_bogo-d” which is a Finder sidebar icon mod for Lion & you are using TotalFinder like myself ,because TF work automatically on the login and you cant do anything about that unless you manually quite it and reopened it again you cant have this mod working ,so i made a script that do that for you ,all you need to do is to assign it as a login item. http://cl.ly/3b0I2K2m3v1C3C3r3q2n 3-The Shortcuts. >if you use the MAC keyboard then you don’t need the volume shortcuts but if not then use those. >the shortcuts mentioned below are the ones am using ,you are free to use any other. *install QuickPick and F1 will be automatically assigned to it ,add all your regular apps to it ,its faster this way than opening your chaotic applications folder everytime you need something. *install Apptivate and assign the Volume up to something like F2 and Volume down to F3 as you wont be using them anyway. >assign the Finder app to (Win Logo Key+E) < this way its the same as opening explorer window on windows . *install Boom and assign F7 for Boosting up and F8 for down. *install QuickSilver and get this plugin DeMinimizer Module http://qs0.qsapp.com...gIn&version=139 and install it @ (/Users/xxx/Library/Application\ Support/Quicksilver/PlugIns) ,then open QS and assign ,Minimize all Windows to (Win Logo Key+D) < this way it also works as on windows & assign Restore all Minizied windows to F6. *you can assign the Dashboard to F9 / Expose all windows to F10 / Expose DeskTop to F11. *for the (shutdown/restart/Logoff) i use something call Dockables which is a punch of very useful scripts , assign everyone of them with Apptivate and use the (Print Scr,Scroll Lock ,Pause) they don’t work on Mac anyway. *install Neu and assign create & open keys to (Win Logo Key+Pad plus key). *assign the Wallpaper Script to F5. *Finally assign the ActivityMonitor to (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) < as it works same as task mngr on windows. >>>hopefully i post it in the right place .
  13. aufa333

    kernel panic snow leopard

    this should fix ur prob http://blog.nawcom.com/?s=acpi&searchs...earchsubmit.y=0
  14. a quick question ,do u install the update just to upgrade to LIon ,if thats the case froget the upgrade method as it has no advantage over the clean install for Lion only and not SL > Lion ,about the update KP it happens for several probs and sometimes its just random 'it could be the sleepenabler ,or u r doin somethin during the update'
  15. search on google on how to install mac on amd as its not officially supported by Apple. u will find different specs ,dont worry about it ,just find the method that best suites u then come back here to find more support for ur other components .