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iAtkos 10.7.3 for AMD users is out


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Changes in This Release

- Fixed The Display Error

- PS2 Drivers Were Changed Again

- Fixed "Keyboard Not Found" problem for PS2 Keyboard Users

- Added Boot Plist Commands as Packages

- Added Support for VESA Display Support

- Chameleon was Updated to svn 1913 + nscript Was Added (Not as a Package)

- Voodoo Battery Packages Was Modified

- Installation Supports USB3.0 Install Method

- USB 3.0 Kext Was Updated from the kext from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 4.2.1

- SuperVIAATA Was updated

- FakeSMC and The Plugins Were Added

- Java for Mac OS X 10.7 V1 Was Added to The Essential Packages

- Removed Most of Graphics Driver as They Were Made from 10.7.2

- Added Support for AD2000B Audio Driver

- AppleNForce ATA Was Added to Fixed Kexts Instead of SuperNForce ATA as It Was only a 32 Bit Supported Kext

- A Few Language Translations Were Added

- Nvidia Natit Driver Was Updated

- GMA 4500 Driver Was Updated

- Added HandBrake and "The UnArchiver" Applications

- Updated MPlayerX , Champlist , VLC and CleanMyMac Applications

- Removed Disabler Kext From The Package "Fixed Kexts" as NullCPUPowerManagement Kext was an Alternative to Disabler Kext

- Fixed Some Errors Faced During Installation

- Added AMD Kernel

- npci was changed from 0x2000 to 0x3000

- Updated The Package ALC662

Updated Chimera to 1.9.0

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From Uphuck:


My team and I are worried lately because we are dealing with a problem that a n00b became to us. The n00b is called Tony Barrio.


This n00b I am speaking about is a poor guy that considered it is a good idea to buy all the domains he could, which contains "iatkos", "uphuck", "netkas", "hackintosh" just to redirect them all to his blog full of spyware, forced and intrusive ads. Some content of those sites/blog are %100 incorrect like "iATKOS L2 for AMD" just to have more clicks and some are exclusively articles and/or tutorials stolen from lifehacker, dinesh, netkas, tonymacx86, macrumors and of course from our official forum.

That idiot never have been able to install OSX86 and is posting all the content under iATKOS name. He also used my nick and my real identity on many websites to have the attentions and point his fake sites/blog. This can cause problems to me and my team.


For the record: I don't post on any other sites but our forum, our Facebook page and the major OSX86 forums (insanelymac, projectosx).

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