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Twitter notification not working. [Fixed I think...]

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I have a problem, I'm getting this console message on every boot:

SocialPushAgent[172]: Error: unable to get the current device-token:(null) and/or the uuid:(null)

And twitter notifications not working. I can post to twitter throught notification center, but it's not notify when someone write me.


I checked, I have uuid in system profiler.


Is there a fix for this? Or is this working for anyone? Or we have to wait a fix in chameleon like we did for FaceTime, etc...?

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I registered a new twitter account and that is working perfectly, all notification shows up... I checked twitter settings on webpage for both profile, and they are the same... so...wtf?! :|


So I set up my two twitter account in osx. Now I can send tweets and I can the sender account right from notification center. If I send a tweet for my old account from the new one, then no notification appears. But if I send a tweet for my new account from my old account, then it shows notification.


What the hell is going on? Every setting the same for the accounts.


Tried to delete, re-add accounts.


Edit: deleted all the two account from osx, then setted up again, and now it works... anyway... it works now... But I don't understand...

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    • By mitchellkza
      Hi folks
      Excuse this probably rather noob-ish question but I have been fiddling with OSX86 for years now and always left everything to the multitude of tools out there to get me up and running.
      Since recently moving to Clover UEFI booting I have done about 60+ installs on my hardware ranging from Mavericks, Yosemite, El-Capitan and now Sierra and in all cases I was always up and running and had no problems except for CPU Power Management.
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      I attached a screenshot.
      Would you have any idea where it might come?

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      First i downloaded OS X 10.9 Install USB.raw file then i write this to the usb with Windows ImageWriter as they said.
      My friend installed the mavericks seamlessly and quickly with MSİ Z77A G65 motherboard he changed nothing. any bios options. MSİ did pretty well this time.

      But when i try to install. my Z87 GD65 motherboard this codes appeared in the below . when i press the install buton. then system restarting..

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      Problem is fixed. Download this Mach_kernel and copy it into the installation usb with Transmac. İf it's work then copy it into the Mavericks disk change the old one.
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      Its kinda weird.
      I can log on iCloud and its features but can't log on iMessage.
      I also can't log on Twitter using the system integrated account or the its App downloaded  on the Appstore. The App says it can't verify OAuth bla, bla, bla but the password is correct as I can use it on Twitter's website.
      I have my main ethernet connection as en0, the chamaleon option is set to Ethernet Builtin=yes, the system has the recovery partition, the nvram deamon is running, etc.
      I'm open to try any suggestions!