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Tiny glitch?

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When I boot into Mountain Lion, desktop zooms in like it should, but most of the times the menubar at the top is not visible. It comes visible if I click on the desktop, and then it's good. I think it comes visible when Finder first refreshes the file, edit etc menu.

This happened on Lion 1-2 times in a year. But on Mountain Lion it's happening almost every boot.

Is this happening for anybody too? Anyone have an idea why this is happening? It's a glitch?


Here is a picture with no menubar:


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do you normally have preferences set to show hard disks on the desktop? just curious since nothing on desktop in the picture, if just menubar or all "finder" items are effected. I think it may just be overly aggressive caching that ML uses since the status light on the dock for finder is lit it's not needing a relaunch, but check console logs right after to see if anything interesting shows up. you can try deleting the caches (not talking about kernel cache) onyx has options to do this included.

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Icons shows up (I don't have anything on the desktop when I made the screenshot). Everything works fine, just the menubar not visible until the first mouseclick.


I only found these console messages that could be related to this:



2012.07.05. 11:17:33,352 apsd[59]: CGSLookupServerRootPort: Failed to look up the port for "com.apple.windowserver.active" (1102)

2012.07.05. 11:17:35,234 WindowServer[103]: mux_initialize: Couldn't find any matches


It looks like the first message tells that there is no active window or something... so when I click once, desktop gets active, and menubar shows up with Finder menu elements... just thinking... But how to fix it if cache removing not works? :worried_anim: Then I'll have to hope this will change in GM...?


Edit.: cache remove then reboot not helped... So I just hope this will change in GM...

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I've seen same behavior, not at boot up, but after relaunching finder using "killall Finder" from terminal, click on desktop needed sometimes for menubar to show. Maybe cause during boot there are other login items that load after the Finder starts loading and one of them could be active and clicking desktop brings now fully loaded finder back to foreground, where menubar elements will stay visible from then on. Worst case scenario if behavior continues, easy to fix with a system events Apple Script set to run on launch with a slight delay. I already do this with automator for all my launch process so system only has one startup item which is an automator workflow, the workflow then handles all remaining app/process launches. This allows me to control what order everything loads in along with any timing or delays I may want to add. I started doing this back with DP1 because it had a bug where desktop wallpaper was always reset after boot, so had workflow reapply my wallpaper at boot and start a timed wallpaper rotation, since then tho, just incorporated all launch stuff into it.

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