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10.4.7 and VMWare problem

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I've used 10.4.6 for a while with no problems.... I used VMWare to install to a physical hard drive and I used the chain0 method to dual boot with windows, so I could run Mac OS natively. I could also boot with VMware so I could fiddle around while still in windows.


After much rigamarole, I finally got 10.4.7 JaS installed and updated. It boots natively just fine, and runs well, but I can no longer boot with VMWare. The farthest I can get is:


loginwindow[107]: Login Window Started Security Agent


At this point it hangs and won't go any further. I've tried safe mode, but that doesn't help.


any relevant information should be in my signature. I'm quite sure that I've set up my virtual system properly, after all I used it to install OSX which works perfectly when booted native.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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thanx myzar... you are absolutely correct. Is there a way to use np_'s new driver without removing iondrv?


I suppose I should ask this on the macvidia forum, but since this thread is already open, perhaps any solution should be posted here as well.

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