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Installing Mac OSX on a Pentium 4 (HT) PC

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Hi everyone,


I'm a Noobie to this forum and to he Hackintosh world, I've recently been searching on how to install Mac OSX on a Pentium 4 HT (Hyper Threading) CPU. I've read around the internet and people say using a iAktos s3 v2 is your best bet.. is this true. if so then please guide me trough the install process for iAktos s3 v2.






Any help is nice,

Thank you!





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Use an unmodified retail OS X DVD and a suitable boot CD, such as Nawcom's modCD (there are many different ones available). Also take a look at konti's MyHack.

Don't forget that you can't use the vanilla kernel on a Pentium 4 and that you can't have native power management. As such, installation is a little bit more complicated than it is on PCs that uses a modern Intel CPU and chipset, but only a little. If you want to dual boot, I recommend installing OS X to a separate hard drive instead of sharing a drive with Windows.


btw the hardest part is not your CPU, P4s are not a problem. I hope your motherboard has an Intel chipset + compatible sound and LAN though.


If you must use a distro I recommend JaS 10.5.4 client/server or iPC 10.5.6 final. But it's better to avoid hacked install DVDs altogether and install retail OS X instead - this way you are in charge and you know what goes where and where the modifications are.

Hacked DVDs, or distros, install patches that you don't know about and even omit some things as well. This makes it harder to fix things when they break, and very difficult to successfully run an OS update.

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Thanks for the answer


2 more questions if you don't mind....

By Power management do you only mean "Sleep\Wake" is not native or things "Shutting down" using the OS is not available ether.

and are Asus motherboards compatible? (it does have a Intel chipset)


Sorry i'm a n00b at this whole Hackintosh thing.





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Yes and no.. you're right that "shut down" is technically a power state, what I meant to say is that because you're using a Pentium 4 CPU you'll be relying on 3rd party kernel extensions for CPU speed stepping and maybe S3 sleep/wake. This is because, for compatibility reasons, the patched kernel that you'll be using automatically blocks a bunch of kernel extensions that deal with CPU power management.


On PCs that can run the Apple kernel you can usually get most power management/ACPI stuff working pretty well using Apple's own drivers, which is nice. That's what I mean by 'native' power management.


Funny power management-related things can happen on a Hackintosh, like the PC rebooting instead of shutting down, or it seems to shut down but the fans keep spinning forever. Or, you put your PC to sleep but it wakes immediately and then none of your USB devices work, including your mouse and keyboard, or, my personal favorite, instead of waking it immediately reboots and your BIOS settings get reset to factory defaults.


This is why laptops are more difficult to hack because here you're also dealing with battery management, sleep/wake on lid close/open and stuff like that.


There are fixes for most of these things..but it depends how far down the rabbit hole you're willing to go. Anyway don't let this discourage you, maybe you'll get lucky and it just works.


Seeing as you're new here, and you'll be using a Voodoo or Voodoo-derivative kernel, go read the Voodoo kernel manual:


IMHO everyone here should read it at least once, even those of us who can run the vanilla kernel.


Also this article by David F. Elliott is an absolutely essential read:



Most people use Asus and Gigabyte boards but motherboard brand is not that important, what matters are the individual components, south bridge, LAN, sound etc.

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