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  1. Lion on a Pentium 4 (HT) (64 Bit)

    So If I install Snow Leopard will that work fine with my current specs? And please tell me what distro i should use or if il be fine with using a retail copy of OSX SL Thanks again, OSX86PersonThing
  2. Lion on a Pentium 4 (HT) (64 Bit)

    Hello, I have a 64bit Pentium 4 Processor, I was wondering if I could install OSX Lion on my system? I'm a bit of a newbie at the whole Hackintosh thing, SO if I sound CRAZY I'm sorry My Specs are the fallowing: Intel Pentium 4 630 (HT) (64bit) processor 2 Gigs of DDR2 RAM AMD HD 6450 Graphics card Asus P5GDC-V (Deluxe) Motherboard
  3. Installing Mac OSX on a Pentium 4 (HT) PC

    Thanks for the answer 2 more questions if you don't mind.... By Power management do you only mean "Sleep\Wake" is not native or things "Shutting down" using the OS is not available ether. and are Asus motherboards compatible? (it does have a Intel chipset) Sorry i'm a n00b at this whole Hackintosh thing. Thanks, OSX86guypersonthing
  4. Installing Mac OSX on a Pentium 4 (HT) PC

    Hi everyone, I'm a Noobie to this forum and to he Hackintosh world, I've recently been searching on how to install Mac OSX on a Pentium 4 HT (Hyper Threading) CPU. I've read around the internet and people say using a iAktos s3 v2 is your best bet.. is this true. if so then please guide me trough the install process for iAktos s3 v2. Any help is nice, Thank you! Sincerely, OSX86guypersonthing