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Disk not properly ejected warning after wake, then connects again

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Have GA-Z77-DS3H and got 10.7.4 running.


The issue I am having is when I wake this computer from sleep.

I have External HDD connected and the system detects fine, but when I put the computer to sleep, come back later, wake the computer up, it seems have lost all USB connections and shows "Disk not properly ejected" warning, then it connects to HDD again.

I also have bluetooth dongle which connects my mighty mouse and also shows no connections and bluetooth not available icon after wake, then detects the bluetooth dongle, then connects mouse.

The logitech mouse which I also have connected wired thru USB wakes the computer and works fine right after wake.


I don't know where to look to solve this problem?


Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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    • By M_Furtwangler
      Hi, everybody
      After successfully installing the Catalina and Opencore bootloaders, I encountered a problem that some applications would crash after waking up,
      Such as Chrome and Tencent QQ, these applications will become unresponsive and only be quited by force, even the system could not power off normally.
      However, none of these problems occurred before sleep.
      In addition, all of these issues occur when SMBIOS is iMac and iGPU is enabled in the BIOS, but not when SMBIOS is iMac Pro or iGPU is disabled in the BIOS.
      I am thinking that the problem may be iGPU related and I cannot fix it.
      please help me.
      I have attached my EFI and IOReg files
      My specifications:
      Asus Z170i Pro gaming
      Intel i5-8600k
      Radeon RX580 8GB
      Radeon RX580 8GB
    • By JochiePiet
      I have upgraded from Mojave to Catalina 10.15.1. It went almost flawlessly. The only issue is the computer  not waking up from sleep. Just a grey screen. Hard reset is required. Of course I have been searching the Internet but to no avail.
      The sleep-awake cycle did work on Mojave.
      I have noted that it is now impossible to boot in save mode. Trying to do so produces  the message: " error loading kernel (0xe)" .
      Since I use Clover  I have  tried the bootflags -f en UseCache=no (in addition to -v en -x) .  I wonder if the last one is a Clover bootflag?
      Here are my specs:
      Motherboard Gigabyte GA H77 D3H  rev 2.0
      MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.1 (Build 19B88)
      Kernel                         Darwin 19.0.0 x86_64
      RAM                            4.00 GB
      Model Identifier        iMac14,2
      CPU                            Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3225 CPU @ 3.30GHz
      Intel Generation      Ivy Bridge

      Any help is of course much appreciated!
    • By jamesxxx1997
      Hi everyone~
      My machine is thinkpad x1 yoga 2018 , uhd620 , WQHD resolution , with macos 10.14.6 installed.
      My efi patch seems to have some problems related improper graphic patch.
      1. The screen sometimes have flickers , especially on safari browser.
      2. Sometimes kernel panic happens after wake from sleep , black screen then reboot.
      3. I cannot enable specific resolution(1920*1080) in hidpi , using hackintool or FixEDID+DarwinDumper
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