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AMD HD6350 / HD5450


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Hi all, here is my case. I have an AMD HD6350 from HP that is the same as the HD5450. After a long search I found out that the simple GraphicsEnabler=Yes from chimera would not work for my card since my subsys codes (1462:2133) was not listed in the HD5450 cards already in the latest version. So I was forced to use the ATI injector and my card was seen as generic HD5000 series. All was working, except the DVD player which led me to believe that there was something wrong with the frame buffer. Indeed this was the case. What I did was to download the sources code of chameleon, insert my card in the ati.c file and recompile and re-install it. So now my card is seen as a HD5450 with the correct framebuffer (Eulemur) BUT now it seems that I have another problem banghead.gif


The display (using the DVI connection) cannot wake from the computer sleep (all the system wakes though and I can shut it down normally - going to the correct option without seeing the screen, by memory) and display sleep does not work too - for example, I have set the display sleep after the screensaver and what it does, instead of going to sleep/black screen is to freeze the last image. It is worth to mention that this was not the case with the generic 5000 series option since it seems that the generic ATI frame buffer works for this.


So anyone has a clue here? How can we solve this? Is it possible to DSDT fix it?


Thank you

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