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Help With QuickTime X

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So I have a small problem that may not seem too important but has REALLY begun to annoy in the months I have been using my hackintosh: I cannot change the "Open With" default for .mp4 files.


Now, this may not seem that big (and in all honesty it is just annoying because I have been trying for a long time to fix it with no success) but I also cannot open .mp4 files with quicktime.


When I try to right click > Get Info on a .mp4, it pops up the window for a second, then crashes finder, meaning I have to right click --> open with VLC every time I watch one. This is just a VERY irritating issue for me because I have been trying to find some way to fix it and for whatever reason cannot :(


Is there any way to change program defaults w/o the Get Info pane? Is there anyway to fix the sh$%#y quicktime?

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Why Yes!... Yes there is!

Simply Right click,  Then press the Option (Alt) key

"Open With" will change to "Always Open With"

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