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  1. So I have a small problem that may not seem too important but has REALLY begun to annoy in the months I have been using my hackintosh: I cannot change the "Open With" default for .mp4 files. Now, this may not seem that big (and in all honesty it is just annoying because I have been trying for a long time to fix it with no success) but I also cannot open .mp4 files with quicktime. When I try to right click > Get Info on a .mp4, it pops up the window for a second, then crashes finder, meaning I have to right click --> open with VLC every time I watch one. This is just a VERY irritating issue for me because I have been trying to find some way to fix it and for whatever reason cannot Is there any way to change program defaults w/o the Get Info pane? Is there anyway to fix the sh$%#y quicktime?
  2. So, after about 2 years of hackintosh I have recently acquired an old eMac (1 GHZ G4 PPC, 512MB DDR2) and I was wondering what I should run on it... The machine is currently running 10.4.11, and since the processor speed and memory are high enough I should be able to upgrade to Leopard. However, I have been reading online that leaving the eMac with Tiger might actually be more practical than upgrading. I have read that Leopard might significantly decrease performance on the eMac (or also on any PPC mac w/ <1GB RAM), and the performance of the machine is already leaving something to be desired at 10.4. I was wondering what you all think about this. I would very much like to update because that opens up the possibility for many more applications than 10.4 allows and I most of the articles/forum posts I've read are years old. Does anybody have a similar Mac and have some experience to share? Or does anybody know if with 10.5.8 if the performance hit would be lessened? Or finally if anybody would simply like to share their opinion on what I should do that would be greatly appreciated
  3. App Crash 10.6.8

    no problem man, I remember searching forever trying to finally get my AMD setup working, hope u had some luck with the new kernel.
  4. Chameleon screwed my OSx86

    er, idk what you are really asking. Chameleon is a bootloader that allows PC's to boot into OS X so it can't really 'ruin' your OSx86 install. Like without a bootloader like chameleon or chimera you don't HAVE an OSx86 install lol. You're gonna need to give some more information about your system before anybody here can help you because if it won't start it means you need to find specific boot flags to boot with. ModCD tries to automatically configure the boot options tailored to your system, so if you can boot with ModCD there has to be some set of options that works with your system. You should post here the specs of your system, what kexts you're using and what options you have put into the chamelon boot.plist.
  5. App Crash 10.6.8

    I've never heard of that kernel... but I assume you're trying to use 10.6.8 on AMD? If so you already posted the solution to your problem lol. The dyld patch that lets you run in 64-bit userland IS the solution for running 64 and 32 bit apps with all memory enabled. If it doesn't work with that kernel my advice would be to use Nawcom's and run the patcher. The fix is pretty simple and idk why you would try any other, or if there even is any other way to do it. It is never going to be possible to run in 32-bit mode with more than 4GB ram enabled. Also how are you trying to patch dyld? I would not try any of those 'prepatched/SSE3' kernels, just use Nawcom's and the patcher here: http://www.osx86.net/desktops/14304-guide-use-more-than-4gb-ram-amd-32-64-bit-apps-working.html
  6. USB not always working.

    same problem, haven't found much of a solution
  7. AMD Legacy 10.6.8 64-bit?

    install what.... the INSN patch? It's a command line tool you don't install anything...
  8. seems kinda pointless... why do you need something like this when a mac can just run an application/installer easily just by downloading...?
  9. AMD Lion Kernel

    Just a general update in case people haven't found out from other sources, the Bronzovka kernel is updated to v5 but it seems most people have had more success with v4. Also, Nawcom has posted on his blog that in May he will begin working on his own AMD Lion Kernel! Yay! @AlaskanTraveler: spaces and expose were combined into the new app LaunchPad. You can still have multiple desktops it is all just done (window AND desktop management) from launchpad. Although I do agree some of the changes in Lion are annoying, and it seems Apple is now tailoring their OS's to people with multitouch pads instead of regular mice, and I don't think they're doing anything too different in that regard in ML either
  10. USB problem

    Installed the rollback kext through ###### SL edition, and the 10.6.2 kext disables all USB drive function on my machine lol. However, I am now thinking my problem is way different than I had thought and has something to do with the iPod kexts: I tested with a flashdrive, and with the flash drive the only problem I was getting was the 'device ejected improperly' message after wake. With the iPod though, it is fully functional after boot, but after sleep/wake it stops working. iTunes says it has to be restored if it is plugged into after wake and {censored} utility says it cannot mount. Also, while trying to do use the device after wake the console kernel.log shows this: http://imageshack.us/f/41/screenshot20120424at149.png/ And the iPod will not be recognized by the machine until reboot. Since it says something about not being able to read mKext (and I have tried repairing permissions/rebuilt kextcache) I assumed it must have something to do with iPod kexts in S/L/E? If anybody can shed some light on this that would be great sorry that I had posted about the wrong problem before
  11. AMD Legacy 10.6.8 64-bit?

    It's a patch that does exactly what you're looking for: lets 32-bit apps run in 64-bit mode. I'll edit post with a link. It is a command line tool there is a forum thread I had found earlier with easy instructions... will post back. EDIT: Woops its called amd INSN patcher not ISNS no wonder you couldn't find it XD. Anyway, here you go: http://www.osx86.net/desktops/14304-guide-use-more-than-4gb-ram-amd-32-64-bit-apps-working.html
  12. USB problem

    Tried that didn't do anything to help :/
  13. USB dead after wake 10.6.8 :(

    having the same problem. I don't get the error message but no drives plugged into usb work
  14. USB problem

    I am having a rather unusual USB problem on my 10.6.8 AMD hackintosh. After a while (sometimes after waking, sometimes right after I boot) SOME of my USB functionality stops working. I say some because I use a USB mouse and keyboard, and they work, but any storage devices connected through USB just don't show up on the Desktop, Disk Utility or Finder. The only way I have found to fix it is to reboot and needless to say it is getting pretty annoying to do this every time I need to update my music or put something on a flash drive :/ I know it is not a hardware problem because when I put my iPod in the creen turns on and it says 'Connected' although OS X doesn't seem to think so. Any help you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated
  15. AMD Legacy 10.6.8 64-bit?

    use nawcom's kernel for 10.6.8 and use kernel flags "arch=i386 -force64" Next, to make 32 AND 64-bit programs work look up and use AMD ISNS Patcher.