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Fully Functional 10.6.8 Hack


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Hi Guys,


My first fully functional Snow Leopard Hack. Took quite an effort to get this system off the ground, but with a great deal of patients and research and of course help from the guys on this forum I finally have it up and running pretty smoothly.



Operating System: Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Case: ThermalTake Armor A-30 Micro ATX Case

Power Supply: Mod X Stream Pro 500 Watt Modular Power Supply

Displays: Acer 24" Wide Screen LCD / Sony Bravia 40" HDMI 1080i

Mother Board: Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2 Rev. 3

CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 3.11 Ghz 800MHz FSB

Memory: 4 Gigabytes Crucial "Ballistix" PC3-1600

Video: Gigabyte nVidia Geforce 210 1Gb DDR3 (Fully Supported with QE/CI and Rotation)

Network Adapter: Sonnet Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express

Sound: Onboard nForce Realtek ALC887 Codec High Definition Audio

Hard Drive (Main): Western Digital 1 TB WDC WD10EADX-22TDHB0

Hard Drive (Secondary): Maxtor 80 Gig Maxtor 6Y080M0


USB Devices:

Keyboard- Microsoft Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

Mouse: Logitech M185

Printer: Samsung ML-1865W Series B/W Laser Printer

System Backup Drive: Transcend StoreJet 500 GB Solid State

LG Portable Super Multi Drive GP08

WiFi Devices:

D-Link DBT-122 BlueTooth Dongle

Apple Magic Trackpad (not shown)

Sound System: Logitech Z623 200 Watt (Awesome Sound)




















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amd. let me know how long the "stability" lasts.


dont mean to sound like troll but amd is not native to osx.


the dvd drive also has issues with timer sleep. i use optiarc dvd.


Stability is fine now, once I patched the cpuid's, no more app crashes. Yes I agree that AMD is not native to OSX, but it works for now until I start my next build. I just happened to have this system laying around and got bored with WIndows 7, so I dumped it and started this project...Yes the DVD/RW has issues especially in iTunes (hangs) I have ordered an Optiarc drive to replace it with, I had a Sony AD-7280S-0B 24x SATA installed, but had issues with that one as well, what drive do you suggest that is supported natively?


And no your are not trolling...just giving me an honest opinion.. :2cents:

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its not the drive.. its the sata controler. the optiarc 7260s works fine for me.


I was afraid of that, and I suppose there is no "fix" for my nForce controller? Do you suggest an external drive via USB or is that out of the question? Just curious...

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This is great. Please read the rules as you need more pics from more angles to be considered. Thanks. Nice build... :-)




Okay I will see what I can do this weekend, not to many more angles left since it is such a small case. Thanks PunkNugget.

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