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DVD Drive won't burn

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I have a LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40 dvd drive that won't burn images :S It is found by OSX (when i put a blank in it asks me what to open in (I choose finder)).


However, when I try to burn some images to it, I get:


The disc can’t be used because the disc drive is not supported (error code 0x80020025).


Is there a next for this, or should I buy a new drive. If I need a new drive, are there any black ones that work with OSX?



EDIT: Also, it works fine in windows, and linux, but not OSX :P

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I have used several different makes of SATA DVD burners in a number of different Hacks. Except for one that flat didn't work, they have all worked properly without doing anything extraordinary.


Yours just won't burn. Get a new one - they are cheap! Newegg has a number of black ones for less that $50 that will work.

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I have LG GH20NS15 that I bought from newegg a few years ago for 20$ works fine. got retail version(no box or cables included) of ASUS drive at fry's for 19$ for a friend and it works fine, not sure the model. Don't know of any sata drives that don't work off hand, but make sure it is plugged into the intel sata ports on your mobo and not marvel or other 3rd party ports or it may not work right. can also try another burning tool, I like "Burn.app" as its free, easy and open source. Toast is very popular too. For built in DVD player app too work in my system, DSDT needed for ichr-10 as drive needs to be seen as internal by osx, with edits hardware profiler shows intel ES82 AHCI controller, all works well under this config.


put in blank dvd/cd and go to system profiler under disk burning and see what it says there

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