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I installed retail SL 10.6.0 on my Asus 1015 pe (Intel Atom N450, gma3150) on a hard disk partioned in 3; HFS, FAT32, FAT32 using GUID using Nawcom boot cd. Upgraded to 10.6.7 and using netbookmaker fixed the resolution by faking gma950. Everything was fine till I decided to install Ubuntu on the first FAT32 partition. I did "sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk0" and then p, f 3, w, y, exit. After that it won't boot on restart but boots fine with Nawcom. Installed Ubuntu on the other partition and used gptsync and made sure that grub was installed to the same partition(sda3). I still can't boot from the hard drive. Reran netbook installer (just checked install chameleon). No luck booting. Everything works on OSX and Ubuntu when booted from Nawcom but I have lost the correct resolution (back to 800x600) and no gma 950. Would be grateful for any suggestions to regain chameleon booting.

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