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  1. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    @AdrianFurtuna, Intel Centrino WiFi is a lost cause; you might want to use a USB adapter. Could you please spell out in detail exactly how you installed Lion.
  2. Help formatting disk

    I did solve this problem eventually after a fair amount of searching and here it is in case someone else is interested. Went into diskpart in win7 and selected the partition and ran the command "set=af". This formatted it to something resembling hfs+ and then diskutility could do the rest. I have further problems downstream and may come back begging for help.
  3. Help formatting disk

    James, Thanks for the prompt assistance. I want to make sure that gptsync is the problem. When I decided to do a triple boot before, I started with a clean hd and used osx disk utility to make 3 partitions hfs+, fat32, fat32. Installed retail SL on #1 using GUID. Then installed Ubuntu 10.04 on #2 with no swap and did gptsync. Everything works fine and haven't gotten around to installing win7 yet. In this case, I can't even make partition #1 hfs+ and in any case want to leave it mbr. I have gptsync.deb on a flash drive and can install it if that will do no harm to the rest of the hd and then go back and see if I can format partition #1.
  4. Help formatting disk

    Hi, I have a problem that perhaps one of the gurus can solve. My laptop has a 500 g hardrive wnich came with Win7 preinstalled and I didn't want to mess with it, so I repartioned it using Easeus and Win7 disk management into 150g fat32 for Lion, 150g ntfs where win7 is, 75g fat32 for data and 7g for ubuntu swap and 118g ext3 where ubuntu 12.04 is installed, with last two being logical. There were no choices for hfs so I couldn't take care of it at this stage. I booted up with a bootable usb restored with retail 10.3 lion dmg and got the black screen of death. Eventually, I was able to boot up with iatkos L2 and went into disk utility to format my lion partition and there was no tab for format but I hit the erase tab and in the format menu chose hfs+ journaled but got an error message saying partition table could not be altered. Tried every which way without success. Since I can access terminal, may be I can accomplish this using fdisk; I want to be careful and not mess anything up so could somebody point out the best way to solve my problem in foolproof detail please. I assume that once this is solved, the rest of the installation will go smoothly.
  5. Hi Mahesh, Haven't been following the Win7 Lite development. As Bob51 says, I think it'd be nifty for netbooks. Do you have any 32 bit versions? TIA.
  6. {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hi Mohamed, Appreciate all the work you've done. You mention making dsdt for all combinations in post #52. Where can I find them. My N5110 is i5-2430 with no discrete graphics and Intel Centrino wifi. Could I use the dsdt for your config. and comment out or delete the sections for nvidia and wifi? Or do you have other suggestions? I'm on A09 bios so that should be fine. TIA
  7. Help please

    NVM, I fixed it simply by marking the SL partition active.
  8. Help please

    I installed retail SL 10.6.0 on my Asus 1015 pe (Intel Atom N450, gma3150) on a hard disk partioned in 3; HFS, FAT32, FAT32 using GUID using Nawcom boot cd. Upgraded to 10.6.7 and using netbookmaker fixed the resolution by faking gma950. Everything was fine till I decided to install Ubuntu on the first FAT32 partition. I did "sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk0" and then p, f 3, w, y, exit. After that it won't boot on restart but boots fine with Nawcom. Installed Ubuntu on the other partition and used gptsync and made sure that grub was installed to the same partition(sda3). I still can't boot from the hard drive. Reran netbook installer (just checked install chameleon). No luck booting. Everything works on OSX and Ubuntu when booted from Nawcom but I have lost the correct resolution (back to 800x600) and no gma 950. Would be grateful for any suggestions to regain chameleon booting.
  9. @buoo, your link doesn't seem to work. Thx
  10. Hi, Your link worked fine. I hadn't seen anything on 2490; in fact the highest it goes to seemed to be 2480. Assume your cpu is celeron (mac obviously doesn't recognize). I'll try v7 after your tips and then perhaps try the SL upgrade directly.
  11. @PookyMacMan, My netbook has gma 3150 and no available kext. I'd like to edit the plist to fix the resolution. I'm thinking about upgrading to chameleon 2.1. Would I be able to upgrade and edit the plist using chameleon wizrd or what's the ideal way to do it? TIA
  12. @ialexdogaru , It seems like there's not much interest in this laptop. If you could post your laptop specifications and also a detailed version of how you installed iAtkos v7, I could try and replicate it and see if I can come up with suggestions as I've had luck in installing retail SL in netbooks.
  13. +1. I'm having problems installing SL retail 10.6.0 on an Acer 2420 as well. Don't know how different that's from the 2490 but it's about 6 yrs old with an Intel celeron M. The problem discription is in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269841&st=160. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. PookyMacMan, Do you see anything that stands out in the log that needs fixing. Since it says that it's a "good partition" (though in an error message) but no install, I'm not sure it'll restore from the external drive either. I'll continue playing around before deciding to go that route. Thx.
  15. Thanks for the followup. I could boot with the installer by remembering f5 but no install yet. I am attaching a photo of installer log; perhaps this gives some clues. Could you please give detailed directions for installing to a usb drive and then cloning?