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Network Very Slow !

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Hello Everybody !

After the sound problem, now the network problem !

So, I've installed iAtkos S3 V2 with no network extensions, and after reboot, the IONEtworkingFamily.kext

When I rebooted, the internet works, but very slow !

I tried to deactivate the Network Intergrated Controller, but it was the same... (Yes, i've one integrated internet controller, but it don't works with iAtkos).

So, i look for degrouptest, and the results was horrible : 0.26Mbps !!! But, when i boot to windows, with the same test, i have 3.30Mbps.

For the ping, 14311ms for the mac, and 60ms for the windows !!!! O_o

So, can anyone help me, please ?


Thanks ;)



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