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I got hold of an old 2009 Unibody 13-inch Pro, the 2.26 model. It's in great shape but doesn't power on properly. My guess is that it's the logic board, but being as expensive of a part as that is (and me being a broke-a** college student), I wanted to confirm the root of my issue before I plunge and make sure there isn't a more... economic fix. Here's the exact symptoms...


- Unit responds when pressing power button as normal. Power light comes on solid and fans whirr into action, but it never goes further than that. No image or power to the display whatsoever.

- hangs for a few seconds then abruptly powers back off again, making the hard drive clunk painfully.

- Unit then powers BACK ON again and repeats the first part, but hangs indefinitely and does not power off again. Fan gradually begins to spin faster and faster.

- during this whole time, the hard drive makes no read/write sounds whatsoever. It does spin up though.

- I inserted a CD into the drive and it took, and now every time I power on it sounds like it's being read. Probably just the drive's firmware instincts though.

- Unit does not respond to any keyboard commands such as target disk mode, etc, however I CAN reset both the PRAM and the SMC.


Here's a link to a video of the cycle:



Any insight is much appreciated. Cheers.



EDIT: forgot to mention things I've tried...

- unassembled entire unit and dusted/cleaned the {censored} out of it, incl. under heat sink

- reseated RAM & all cable connections

- other sticks of RAM

- different HDD

- ext. display

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