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[MountainLion DP3 install guide] - [problem solving - Booting but install crashes]

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[problem solving - Booting but install crashes]



install guide in post 3



Hey guys,


i got a little problem to install Mountain Lion DP3 here, i hope someone can help me:


i boot with the newest chameleon bootloader rev.1929

- boot loader works just fine


ML install starts without any problems with the following config in .plist:

- GraphicsEnabler = Yes

- kernel_flags = -v

- PciRoot = 1

- Kernel = mach_kernel


used kernel extensions:

- FakeSMC

- NullCPUPowermanagement


i have copied also my custom smbios file and my DSDT.aml to the /extra folder


my MLDP3 USB-Stick is made by this guide:

- http://thetecherra.c...tart-to-finish/


the crash log from the installation is in the attached files.


i have thrown a look on the crash file, i see not really something that can help, so i hope someone can help me :-)


greetz PumP





with this install-stick was no way to get MLDP3 on my machine, i changed my install image i have downloaded the real developer image from apple.com

after that i have made the stick with the myhack software. Guide/Howto in post 3

Installationsprotokoll complete 2-May-2012.txt

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[MountainLion DP3 install guide] - not finished yet




I've made a new install Stick with myhack3.1, with a real developerimage from apple.com and without my intel1000E.kext


I think that this kext, or the image was the problem.


System is running now on 10.8 DP3 but without Network functionality


I would be pleased if someone can tell me how i got my Intel 825xx chipset card to work






today i got the network working with the new AppleIntelE1000e.kext rev.1.11.3a ( big thanks to hnak for this kernel extension ! )

you can find his current .kext file here -> Link


I installed now the ML Software updates over the AppStore, all is working like a charm. current build: OS X 10.8 (12A193i)


next step: get sound onboard working with ALC8xxHDA extension

-> Sound: atm i get my sound over my apple tv, how this work you can read here: Link


USB3.0 Ports also working on my motherboard with the PXHCD.kext - > i set this kext in the attechments





soon i will put my Sapphire 6970 2GB in my machine and Look if ist work... and Worte my report


If iam finnished with my 10.8 install i will go to change this thread into a good and easy guide to install DP3.



EDIT2: (07.05.2012)


no good news atm for getting my 6970 working in 10.7.3 or 10.8 DP3 - with netkas kexts

stay tuned, if i got some good news how to get it run i will wrote it down


if someone would help me testing here are the kernel extensions from netkas and the forum post from andystubbs

Link: -> Beitrag netkas forum


netkas kext files:


Standard Package (Without ATY_Init)

Native package (With ATY_Init)


Kext Description from Andystubbs:

Both will install Netkas' fix and the latest ATi drivers - the ONLY difference is the ATY_Init.kext.


On a hackintosh you can use either package provided you have compiled chameleon with 6970 support and use graphicsenabler, if you dont have support in chameleon for 6970 or do not use graphicsenabler then you need to use the native package, if you do have support in chameleon and do use graphicsenabler then use the standard package.


On a genuine Mac you need to follow Netkas' advice so use the Standard package and NOT the Native one.



So long greetz PumP


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