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GUID vs MBR, what's my problem?


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Hello Guysss.

I'm going crazy finding out why my sony VPCCA doesn't want to boot chimera from usb or hdd. It just boots it from cd.


This is the situation:

Lion ###### USB method --> if i prepare the flash usb drive in MBR partition my pc boots it; if i prepare it using GUID partition it DOES NOT BOOT.


When i try to install from ###### for lion chimera on my hdd internal drive with a working version on lion installed as explained before than i cannot boot it too. It tells me "Operating system not found".


In my bios boot options are correct and achi mode is automatically enabled (i suppose because it is very simple and it has not got such option).


Thank you,



P.S. I've tried with SL 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.8, but it's the same story.

No bios updates are available on sony site.

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I'm having a hard time following what you're trying to do.


You are able to boot off the "i Boot" cd, But you're unable to boot off the "USB" or "HDD" using Chimera.


What post messages are you getting. Is the installation failng to start, or the drive failing to boot? Is the bootloader failing to load?


If youre installing on your USB/HDD make sure you enter your bios and set that as the primary boot option. In most BIOS the USB drive will be considered a "hard drive" option. So if you have two drives, make sure you're setting your "USB" as the first priority, and also if you unplug it and boot with it not inserted the bios will remove it as primary option. you'll have to reset it as primary next time you plug it in.

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