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Chameleon Dual boot not loading Mac Os X snow leopard


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Good morning everyone.


I have a dual boot hackintosh I am working on and I have windows 7 running perfectly. Mac os X I bought thought the store and had the snow leopard cd mailed to me. I used Empire Efi to install Mac os x 1.6 but used the myhack 2.2 software afterwards. Chameleon didn't work and would hang at the boot so I am required to still use the empire efi cd for every startup. I'd like to fix this problem if possible. I even downloaded and installed chameleon 4 I believe. This allowed me to boot to windows 7 without the cd but the option for Mac os causes the computer to restart. Are there any recommendations for fixing this? Do I need to erase some boot kexts and install something else? I do have Internet through the mac as I use a d-link USB drive for wifi and I installed the Mac drivers. The hard drive is partitioned. I believe that 0,2 is windows and 0,3 is Mac os. If I remember correctly(I'm actually at work at the moment) it says something about 0,1 on failed startup, but not positive.


Thanks for any help guys. I have other issues, sound and visuals but I will deal with those later.


My specs are:

Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard

EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2 Gb video card

Sata 320 GB hard drive partitioned for both windows 7 and Mac os 1.6


USB mouse and keyboard

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1. I can't solve your problem but I can make you aware of something that might. Empire boots with kexts that you do not have. Not having these installed on your Mac may be causing your problems. You probably (definitely) don't need all of the kexts on Empire, but you'll have to figure that out.


- Boot with the Empire CD

- On the Desktop, double-click to open the Empire CD

- Open the Extra folder

- Double-click the Preboot.dmg

- Open the Extra folder

- Open the Extensions folder

- Compare the contents of that folder to the contents of the /Extra/Extensions folder on your Mac

- Move some kexts from the Empire Extensions folder to the /Extra/Extensions folder on your Mac. You must figure out which ones.


2. The 1st step you were given was to install myHack from the Post Installation folder. I assume you did that. You should fire up myHack again and read the messages in the first pane or two. If you don't, you might find it difficult getting some things working later on. If you click on the customize button on myHack, you could have installed some of the missing kexts. You might also find kexts that you need to get things working.

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