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[SOLVED]Cannot repair permissions in MLion!

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After install, it gives me a "classic" error "Installation failed" but I've but all the kext and everething works good.

Untill...I try to repair permissions!





I think all the problems are causet just by DP3, which is a total {censored}!



Seems to be OS X 10.8 DP3 corrupted install image! I succed insalling with another one!

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Yep, then the install failed. It may fail to install also the .pkg files in /Library/receipts or / System/Library/receipts which are .pkg files (named same as install .plks) which contail all permission infos about the files installed.

Without them you can never repair the permissions.

Not good.

At least for right system kext permissions you can set them by using:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions

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I have this same problem with ML gold master; I have installed three times, each time I get an "installation failed" at the conclusion of the installer. Then, everything reboots and ML works fine until I try to repair permissions. Is there anything I can do at this point to fix this? By the way I have used the same ML gold master image to install on two MacBook Pros without any problems, I think my .dmg is fine. Thanks for any help!

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