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every PCI USB card i have tried has worked ok in tiger, via chipset USB2.0 cards have always caused trouble though with devices that need alot of power from the USB bus for me. right now im using a belkin 2 port usb 1 card and it works fine in both OS9 and X.


AFAIK there is a standard for usb 1 that means any card should work with a generic driver, no idea if its that simple though.



there is a short list of compatible cards here http://support.clubmac.com/display.asp?r=476


i think anything with the NEC D720101GJ Chipset will work ok as a usb 2.0 card, go for one of these if you can.


or get this card with USB2.0 firewire and gigabit ethernet in one http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=10...00A&cat=NET

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