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Trackpad VMWARE (Scrolling)

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Hey guys I have a really smooth and beautiful running Lion in my VMWARE :) . I only have a couple of problems even though all of my animations and stuff are VERY smooth I was wondering if it is now possible to have QE/CI?


My MAIN problem is my trackpad... I am able to use it and everything but I cannot seem to scroll with it. When I try to scroll... it shows that little synaptics logo but nothing happens. It is very frustrating having to use the arrow keys to scroll up and down pages. I am using Lion for developing purposes.




I would greatly appreciate it if someone replied with some sort of answer to send me in the right direction.

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ummm lol


I think your talking about www.osx86.net?


I just plugged in a mouse and I able to scroll... without installing and kext.

So... yeah I really don't know whats going on. My touchpad should also work for scroll should it not?

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