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  1. Asus Zenbook UX31A

    Thanks for the link dude! I want to be able to use the pre-installed wifi card. If I am unable to use that... I will continue to use Windows 8 as it is probably gonna end up dominated OS X once again. It is kinda hard taking a UX31A apart it is much easier with a UX32DVA
  2. Asus Zenbook UX31A

    Hey guys I purchased the UX31A last month and absolutely love the machine. Only problem I have with the machine is Windows! I am tired of using Windows 8 and it is starting to look ugly/annoying. Mountain Lion just had a successful launch and I am considering switching. I have done Hackintosh before... so I am not a complete noob, I remember using some sort of program written in Java that helped me determine if I system is compatible or not. I have lost that software and was wondering if someone could put in the right direction. Both the macbook air and zenbook have very similar specs so I don't think this should be an issue. Thanks!
  3. Trackpad VMWARE (Scrolling)

    Just tried it.. and it didn't work =-/ Anyone else running this in vmware and know of a fix?
  4. Trackpad VMWARE (Scrolling)

    ummm lol I think your talking about www.osx86.net? I just plugged in a mouse and I able to scroll... without installing and kext. So... yeah I really don't know whats going on. My touchpad should also work for scroll should it not?
  5. Hey guys I have a really smooth and beautiful running Lion in my VMWARE . I only have a couple of problems even though all of my animations and stuff are VERY smooth I was wondering if it is now possible to have QE/CI? My MAIN problem is my trackpad... I am able to use it and everything but I cannot seem to scroll with it. When I try to scroll... it shows that little synaptics logo but nothing happens. It is very frustrating having to use the arrow keys to scroll up and down pages. I am using Lion for developing purposes. Thanks! I would greatly appreciate it if someone replied with some sort of answer to send me in the right direction.
  6. Hey guys I am planning on dual booting Lion with my windows 8 installation. Before I do that.. I wanted to make sure my wireless will work upon installing OSX. I ran this mac hardware utility and it showed my wireless card as a : AR9300 If I go into windows 8 and use Device Manager it says my wireless card is a: Killer Wireless 1103. You guys have both names... and guys are pro so let me know if this will be compatible or not! Thanks!!
  7. Help SAGER 8150

    Hi Guys I wanted to install LION on my laptop... I am currently running it in vmware and it has been awesome . It is running very smooth but I can't run OSX apps which is frustrating. I was wondering if I could dual boot this with my current windows 8 installation. I would love to use LION for developing purposes. My specs: Note the *** indicates I am unsure about compatibility . i7 2730 16 GB Ram AR9300 Wireless LAN Adapter *** JMC250 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller *** Radeon 6990M *** uPD720200 USB 3.0 Host Controller Barts HDMI Audio *** I was also wondering if I could not use my 6990M if it is not compatible and use my processor for video if it will work?(HD 3000 or whatever that BS is called) My main concern is my WIFI. Some help would be greatly appreciated I really don't want to go out and buy a MAC when I have this beast COMP. I also have a pretty beast Desktop but apparently OSX doesn't run on AMD? Thanks! (writing this from work on my phone sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors) Update: I just ran device manager in Windows 8 and it showed my wireless card as being a: Killer Wireless 1103 if this will help in determining my installation thanks!
  8. 6990M Virtual Box

    Hi guys I installed Lion on my laptop a couple of months ago... and the system itself is running fine on virtual box. In order to boot into the OS in 1080 i use the command: "Graphics Mode"="1920x1080x32" This allows me to use the OS in full 1080. I have run into problems though... Although I am running Lion on a 6990M I am having a very laggy experience... Even when I go to watch youtube I am unable to (black screen) and I can only hear the sound which is also kind of laggy and sketchy. All of the animations are laggy even when I am moving my mouse around... I will list my specs here and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could give me a hand asap. I want to be able to use Lion for a programming course I am taking and not have to install UBUNTU. SAGER 8150 Intel Core i7 2720 AMD Radeon 6990M 16 GB RAM MAIN OS: Windows 7 64 BIT Ultimate If you need further details please let me know... Although that should be more then enough to hopefully solve this problem. Thank You! This could also have something to do with my virtual box settings or maybe it could be a simple command I am missing upon launch.