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IOAudioFamily.kext Prevents me from booting Lion osx 10.7


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Hi guys whenever I try to boot mac osx lion 10.7 on my asus G51j labtop It sticks on the white apple logo screen...And i hear a slight pop sound..I always have to use -x safe mode command to successfully boot into it....If i use verbose Mode -v It just says [Pci Configuration Begin.] nothing solid...I just made a lucky guess and removed the IOAudioFamily.kext and IOAudio2Family.kext from the Extensions folder and rebuild back the kexts using the kext utility...And now it boots up perfectly with no problems and it's stable...Only thing I got no sound...Do u guys know of any other kexts I can try or use to get back sound and hope and pray i won't have any booting up issues?I am thinking about looking around for any 1 with extra folders that has the same or close labtop and hardware like mine..And maybe swap and see if i might be successful.I am not sure which realtek alc soundcard this labtop has.thanks.

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If you add VoodooHDA.kext, you must remove AppleHDA.kext or it will conflict. Rather than deleting it, just rename it AppleHDA.kext.bak and it won't be recognized as a kext. Be sure to boot with a -f after you do this so the cache gets rebuilt.

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you must remove AppleHDA.kext or it will conflict"


just wondering, in what ways will it conflict? i don't always remove it and it still works fine...?

Most of the time it will KP.


I did a quick examination of the VoodooHDA installer package and it removes: AppleHDA AzaliaAudio AppleAzaliaAudio ALCinject HDAEnabler VoodooHDA;


In addition, it says: "It is intended as an Intel-only replacement for AppleHDA on Mac OS X"

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