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    Dell Inspiron 3421.Core i3 IntelHD 3000 No QE/CI

    Ok pal..I did it just like u said....And it worked..I am now able to reach the Installer screen....Only thing I had taught it got stuck on''abnormal code error 1'' and accidentally left it on for about 8 minutes and i just saw it boot up..lol ..Ok so thanks again for that tip on clover configurator...Presently am trying to learn how to do it into the DSDT..seems extremely difficult tho.
  2. platinumsteel

    Dell Inspiron 3421.Core i3 IntelHD 3000 No QE/CI

    Ok thanks a lot for that information...will do over everything from scratch and see how it goes again....
  3. Hi guys ..I have a issue here...Can u please tell me why each time I reach the boot screen on Clover I always need to go into the Options with the little gear icon and then to Graphics Injextor> then go to FackID and put in 0x01660003 the default is 0x0000000 and then try to boot..It is the only way I will reach the desktop...But no acceleration...I also need to do that when am installing with my USB stick...I also need to go in and add in those options for it to boot the Installer screen.....Is there a way I can make this permanently on my post install so that I won't have to be doing it each time i boot with clover? And also can u help me achieve Acceleration...I tried using clover configurator to Inject Intel but for some reason it doesn't work...I am using Macosx Sierra.If i don't add in 0x01660003 I will be always stuck at this screen below. This below is the Clover Options I need to always go into before I boot
  4. platinumsteel

    Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD3H El Capitan Success.

    Well as i think i had mentioned that the 2x usb 3.0 ports that are next to the Ethernet port was tested and working with usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 devices..and it was also transferring data at usb 3.0 speeds when I used it to copy a 4gig file over to my usb 3.0 external hardrive caddy...The other usb 3.0 ports which are located higher up the mobo wasn't working..
  5. Hi guys I would just like to share my El Capitan Success with owners of the same motherboard as mine..It is basically very simple thanks to Chris1111 and Friends..Clover El Capitan V5 usb tool found and can be downloaded here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/307003-clover-os-x-el-capitan-usb/page-1 Creation of USB Installer is simple..make sure u have 16gb or more usb thumb drive.Plug it in the usb 2.0 ports for Installation of course.Download El Capitan from app store it would be in applications folder.All u need to do is fire up usb tool from chris and of course follow the guide at the link above. After u install and restart hopefully ok I have posted 2 pictures of what the settings should look like for Post Installation also this particular motherboard.Remember to select ''Clover Post''.If u encounter failed installation..Just install each of them one at a time..and not all together ok.. After that u just reboot and of course select your el capitan hardrive.You should see clover screen..Just hit Enter or Alternatively You can hit the space bar on your keyboard and select verbose mode so u can see what's happening...And that is basically it.. Working: 1:All USB 2.0 ports.2x Intel USB 3.0 ports next to ethernet port only..Full usb 3.0 speeds 2:Audio.Use voodooHDA. 3:Ethernet.Use AtherosGB Not Tested: Sleep and Wake My Hardware: Gigabyte GA-z77x-ud3h.ATI 7970.8 gb ram.Kingston Hyper X SSD.
  6. platinumsteel

    Fix: VoodooHDA KP (10.6.8 + 10.7.x)

    Hey AndersenTech I just wanted to thank you for sharing that voodoo helper and voodoo loader patch..It fixed my booting problem...I always had to use the -f flag to boot into mac osx..Now i don't... All i did was use voodoo patcher to install the custom voodoohda.kext then fireup vodoo helper again to make sure..then reboot and that was it..now i have working sound without any boot up problems..thaks a million pal..
  7. Just a heads up..Since I used your audio kexts been having a lot of problems cold booting.It would always stick on the grey apple screen....No problems between restarts..But once I slap in my mac osx dedicated HD I used to have to use -x and go into safe mode and then restart and hope it goes in..if not would of need to keep trying a couple times..But a couple days ago..I tried booting with -f and all is well now..No matter what once i boot with the -f flag It goes directly in with any hiccups..-f as they say ignores kext cache..Would need to investigate what the kext cache is and what it's tasks..But -f works a miracle when having problems booting....thanks..
  8. Well to be honest I had an opportunity to check to see if hdmi was working but didn't test it..I definetly need to check that out...But i am not sure if hdmi works with video and sound.
  9. Only thing Nate.Since I have used your kexts for the Realtek Audio have been experiencing a lot of inconsistencies with the booting up of mac osx mountain lion.Have to like do a couple safe modes and verbose boots for it to start...Really wish there was a way to fix this issue..Think i need to buy an external sound card soon.Do u have problems with booting?Maybe I am doing something wrong.
  10. ofcourse i would be willing to share everything...Only thing I have not done is try sleep/wake.....Cause i don't think I really need it to be honest...But the most important other things are working....Only thing I am yet to understand how the DSDT.AML works and how to install it properly.Could you check your inbox..I sent u a message.
  11. hey thanks a million for this post man..I installed mountain lion on my asus G51j differently...but only thing i didn't had was the correct audio kext..I looked far and wide for a working kexts..and finally saw your post and used your voodooHDA kext..I am so happy that it is working flawlessly..thanks a million for that..Now i have everything working perfectly on 10.8.2..Really appreciate it...
  12. platinumsteel

    IOAudioFamily.kext Prevents me from booting Lion osx 10.7

    Ok thanks a million for that information...I will be sure to try that and get back here and let u all know if it worked for me..thanks..
  13. Hi guys whenever I try to boot mac osx lion 10.7 on my asus G51j labtop It sticks on the white apple logo screen...And i hear a slight pop sound..I always have to use -x safe mode command to successfully boot into it....If i use verbose Mode -v It just says [Pci Configuration Begin.] nothing solid...I just made a lucky guess and removed the IOAudioFamily.kext and IOAudio2Family.kext from the Extensions folder and rebuild back the kexts using the kext utility...And now it boots up perfectly with no problems and it's stable...Only thing I got no sound...Do u guys know of any other kexts I can try or use to get back sound and hope and pray i won't have any booting up issues?I am thinking about looking around for any 1 with extra folders that has the same or close labtop and hardware like mine..And maybe swap and see if i might be successful.I am not sure which realtek alc soundcard this labtop has.thanks.
  14. Yeh well that's because something has gone all wrong and it's not allowing u to boot up...could be a boot disc dat's not compatible with your operating system...I got that error many times before when i was now learning to install mac osx..but i think u should try to get your hands on version 10.6.3 at least to start..it's better supported...
  15. platinumsteel

    Mac Pro 3,1 system definition_How to install?

    I like how u speak..it's really helping me to better understand how this mac thing goes down...About MacPro 3,1 I looked at the folders u specified and saw smbios.plst there..so what i did was replace that same smbios file in there with an already modified 1 from a friend who gave me his some months aback and rebooted and it's now saying 3,1...thanks for the lead again...Only thing i might not be able to follow tonymacs guide cause when i first run the Lion install it is not able to install on non Guid drives...so i could not go further...I am currently looking at a guide from a guy who made a tut to install lion..he has a similiar notebook with the same specs as mine...So far that's the only tut i might have to try hard to follow....... I got 2 partitions 1 for win7 and the other for leopard so I Think I would swap out this drive I got now and use another one...Make 1 partition and format the whole dam thing too Guid and then do everythhing from scratch again..install 10.6.3 then update too 10.6.6 then update again too 10.6.8 bla bla bla then try that lion installation again and see if i might just be successful...If i am I would know where I stand and try to get it dual booting perfectly alongside win7.....