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kernel panic on my IBM t60


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ive changed the ide setting (it was on AHCI) and it worked but i have a few problems,, ive installed the chamilion rc5 bootloader and it steel dont work, so i booted with the hazard disk and it show me these messages :post-986694-0-45389300-1333717301_thumb.jpgpost-986694-0-81480100-1333717308_thumb.jpgpost-986694-0-41600400-1333717317_thumb.jpgpost-986694-0-45021000-1333717325_thumb.jpgpost-986694-0-06629800-1333717334_thumb.jpg


also , the double tap on the touchpad dont work , i cant see the battery Percent and the wireless dont work,, is there any way to fix those things? ohh and when i close the screen it wont go on sleep mode

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Battery: Google: Voodoo Battery


Sleep: maybe Sleep Enabler will help


Touchpad: play around with some PS2 Controllers


Wireless: the pictures you posted are what is causing wireless to not work. I've never seen a message like that one. Try this:


1. Open Terminal found in /Applications/Utilities

2. Type:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/StartupItems
(give your password when asked, then press <Enter>)

3. Reboot

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thanks ! the battery works fine !

right now iam installing the trackpad , but i cant find the sleep enabler .. any help ?

ive tried to to the code thing but when he asks for password i cant write anything , it wont let me .. i tried to paste the password, again it wint let me.. what can i do ?

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