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  1. Ibm T60 Iatkos lm2 Boot problem

    i have no idea what the gpu is..
  2. Ibm T60 Iatkos lm2 Boot problem

    IBM T60 Core2Duo T5600 1.83Ghz 2G RAM 120G HD before i tried to install the lion OS it worked fine with the snow leopard (10.6.6 - Hazard)
  3. i have installed the iatkos after alot of effort and after it finished installing and it was "Successful" it wont boot up and it shows me this message :
  4. yep.. i did that progress a servel times and still it dose'nt work...
  5. The Xib files problems worked fine ! thanks !! but i still have problems with the ntfs hard drives..
  6. i've installed the hazard hackintosh 10.6.6i on my IBM T60 , and i've installed xcode 3.2 on it, but when i try to open the XIB file in the xcode it wont work, can somebody help me with it ? and i can't use NTFS hard drive on it .. any help ?
  7. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    ok so all works fine ! thanks ! but i still have a problem with ntfs hard drives.. when i plug in the hard drive it pop up a message that say the fusefs.kext faild to load..
  8. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    again thank you very much ! i have : PRO/wireless 3945abg(golan)
  9. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    ok so the messages is gone but how can i fix the wireless ? also i cant open ntfs harddrives..
  10. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    OK i did it, i think it worked but after i did it it just wrote the same line as he always write when you open the terminal , so i reboted and again same messages , what else i can do ?
  11. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    thanks ! the battery works fine ! right now iam installing the trackpad , but i cant find the sleep enabler .. any help ? ive tried to to the code thing but when he asks for password i cant write anything , it wont let me .. i tried to paste the password, again it wint let me.. what can i do ?
  12. kernel panic on my IBM t60

    ive changed the ide setting (it was on AHCI) and it worked but i have a few problems,, ive installed the chamilion rc5 bootloader and it steel dont work, so i booted with the hazard disk and it show me these messages : also , the double tap on the touchpad dont work , i cant see the battery Percent and the wireless dont work,, is there any way to fix those things? ohh and when i close the screen it wont go on sleep mode
  13. ive tried to install hazard 10.6.6i on my ibm but i got a kernel panic.. what should i do ? intel core 2 due 5600 1.83GH 2gb ram 120g hard drive