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Add PCI slot 2 in DSDT


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I have an ASUS P5GC-MX 1333 MB with a C2D E7300 and a 8600GT.


Under leopard or tiger, the two pci slots are recognized.

Under snow leopard (10.6.0 -> 10.6.8) only the first one is working.

It makes no change to swap the two PCI cards (ASUS 138GV2 airport and texas instruments firewire) : the two cards are working OK in either the slot one or two, but only under leopard, not SNOW.

Of course, no trace of PCI2 or Firewire bus in SystemProfiler...


So, i wonder if it's possible to inject the PCI slot 2 in DSDT ?

I really need both my firewire and my airport card !


Any help will be appreciated !


Here's my IOREG dump :

(IOPCI2PCIBridge is at line 1327 and Firewire card is at line 1378)


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