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Overclocked in BIOS, but About This Mac says otherwise

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So as the topic says, I overclocked my i5 2500k on a Gigabyte motherboard to 4 GHz, but when I click "About This Mac" the speed is 3.3 GHz which is stock. I also used several utilities to read CPU speed and they all say 3.3 GHz.


Does anyone know whats up with this? Might there be a BIOS setting I need to modify or patch OSX? or maybe its not reading it right?


Im not using DSDT and Im running 10.7.3 Lion.

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I don't know what utility you are using, but I would recommend a utility named SMC monitor (make sure you have latest FakeSMC.kext installed). This will tell you the true frequency in real time.


About this Mac has trouble on Sandy Bridge CPUs, so I just correct mine cosmetically using this in smbios.plist:



System Information shows my CPU speed as 40.16 GHz and Geekbench reports my lowest multiplier, 1.6GHz, but SMC monitor shows (and the Geekbench score confirms) that I am indeed running at 4.2GHz.


One problem I haven't been able to figure out is that my multiplier seems to be alternating between 1.6GHz and 4.2GHz only. Chameleon is generating the P-States correctly (I can extract SSDT and they are there), but OS X doesn't seem to use the states in between.


Also, while this is the overclocking forum, you'd probably have better luck discussing this in one of the many threads on the topic in the general Lion forums.


Best of luck.


EDIT: Just read

Im not using DSDT
. You need to get a properly patched DSDT, as it will make your whole install much better. If you do not know how or what the DSDT is, then you have a lot of reading ahead of you. There are many good threads on this forum that will teach you the ways.

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Ok thanks for the advice. I tried using custom DSDT in the past, but proved to be a lot of trouble. I'll have to image my OSX install some time and try it again.

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Include your system info in you sig. You never know when the DSDT fairy might come and leave a patched one under your pillow. But gotta know your hardware. FYI, I am not the DSDT fairy.

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