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  1. Ok thanks for the advice. I tried using custom DSDT in the past, but proved to be a lot of trouble. I'll have to image my OSX install some time and try it again.
  2. So as the topic says, I overclocked my i5 2500k on a Gigabyte motherboard to 4 GHz, but when I click "About This Mac" the speed is 3.3 GHz which is stock. I also used several utilities to read CPU speed and they all say 3.3 GHz. Does anyone know whats up with this? Might there be a BIOS setting I need to modify or patch OSX? or maybe its not reading it right? Im not using DSDT and Im running 10.7.3 Lion.
  3. Hi, I installed Lion on my system and used ###### to install custom dsdt from database. Im 100% sure I selected the correct DSDT. I put it on my desktop and ran ###### with UserDSDT selected. I now get stuck at bootup. This is what I have from verbose boot. Any ideas? I also created my own DSDT and got the same results.