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Alright I go to boot up my mac today. and it does the usual, comes to the blue screen and flashes black, with a white square in the top left corner. then it'll flash back to blue, flash back to black, repeat.


Over and over, after about 30 minutes I got mad and rebooted. tried a couple things, graphicsenabler=yes =no =screwthiscomputer......


So I said hell with it and reloaded my second partition from scratch. Same exact problem.


Now there has been NO CHANGES (sorry for yelling) since it worked for me yesterday. I disabler the graphics.kext and it made it crappy resolution, with the same flashing {censored}.


Anyone care to take a stab at what the hell happened?


Must be hardware related......like a hardware update......since it affects my usually working partition and my brand new install one.

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Weird, even with doing a fresh install on my second part of SL, it still wouldn't work. So i completely formatted my HDD with mac on it and started over from scratch....Yet again. Success it works again.


Either didn't like the localtime-toggle script or playing around with Lion install.

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