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Can Apple TV 2 (iOS) run or be emulated on an intel Mac?

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Hi All,


I've looked around and can't find any such thing. Then I remembered how innovative this community is and decided to at least ask if anybody has attempted this sort of thing and where they got with it.


Apple TV 2(3) looks great. Problem is, I own a 2011 Mac mini and don't have the budget to buy another device. My mini works great as a HTPC, but it would be so much nicer if Apple would sell a new Front Row'ish / Apple TV'ish app for intel Macs.


Has anybody emulated Apple TV 2? I'd love nothing more than to turn my mini into a super powerful Apple TV. I know I can AirPlay with AirServer, but it would be so much nicer to be able to use the Apple remote that came with my mini (yes the remote came in the box with my mini when I bought it). Why a remote came with it, I'm not sure, since it came with Lion and in Lion there isn't even Front Row any more.


Please don't suggest Plex or XBMC or Boxee. That's not what my question is about.


Thanks for any input,



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you can use your mac mini with Lion and remote control.

there is a way to install front row on Lion . Search in the forum or in internet ...

this is the easy way to get a Media server on mac mini.


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