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After finally getting ML installed and everything working I ran update.

I wasn't happy about putting in my apple ID but did so anyway.

I was presented with 2 updates one of which was for Final cut which isn't even installed, although it is installed on my Lion partition.

So I booted Lion and checked to see if it needed updating but it didn't.

Booted back into ML and ran update again, it still showed the 2 updates so I clicked install but got an error.

After using ML for a few hours update is now only showing the Final cut update.

Has it updated automatically?

What do you think about having to enter your apple id to update?


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Not cool but what can we do, apple's decision to link every personal thing to the apple id.

I saw updates in App store to apps from my other Lion partition as well, but did not made them, only from Lion itself. ML is still the first preview and even if fast, it's buggy.

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i dont have apple id. ohh well lion is last os ill be using.. retirement ?


Yes, if u cannot auto-update an early developer preview, I think the only option is towel throwing and retirement :king:


App store shows my Lion app updates as well, and apps I want to reinstall to ML as already installed. Unmount Lion volume and relaunch app store and all is well and only show updates for your ML install and its apps. remount when your done if you need Lion drive stuff. If little red number badge on app icon comes back on remount and is annoying (it is), disable in notifications prefpane by unchecking "badge app icon.....blah, blah" for app store

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