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Incorrect image in SL using GraphicsEnabler


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I'm trying to get my card recognized by OS X Snow Leopard.

My card is nVidia Quadro 600 (DevID 0df8; VenID 10de).

I have nVidia for Mac driver version 256.02.25f1v1.


When I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes bootloader option I have some kind of "huge pixel" image after boot - menu bar is solid white and dock is solid black, desktop is filled with dark-blue and purple squares (like pixels from wallpaper Aurora).

I can select menu items, but I'm doing it like blind...


I can't describe this as a full picture (sorry for my poor English), but I'd like to know if someone had same symptoms using GraphicsEnabler; it would be great to know the reason of this issue and ways to escape it.


Thanks in advance.

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