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  1. Hello! I had working 10.6.6 installation on my workstation. Everything worked fine, except some OpenGL apps. So I decided to upgrade to 10.6.8 to get better compatibility & performance. So, after I updated OS using 10.6.8 Combo Update (downloaded with Software Update), my system load process stops on device detection phase. Kernel log doesn't show a "Waiting on ..." string. It just spins down disk, halts the processor and then does nothing... I'm just desperate on finding what may cause this behavior... My workstation (Lenovo D20) hardware: Intel Xeon E5645 CPU 6 GB RAM Intel 5520 Workstation Board (Lenovo version) nVidia Quadro 600 graphics card I use Intel ICH SATA port for HDD because OS X doesn't know about Marvell 88SE6480 chip assumed to be used for HDDs in this machine... Please, help...
  2. Searching Marvell 88SE6480 kext

    So, I had a little research and found that there is HighPoint RocketRaid 2680, which has a 88SE6485 chip on it (which, I assume, is somewhat compatible with 88SE6480). This card is supported by kext, which is embedded in SL (called HighPointRR.kext), but unfortunately, this kext does not know about my chip... I'm going to investigate further by disassembling this kext. Any help/information about RR 2680 card would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Incorrect image in SL using GraphicsEnabler

    Never mind. Problem solved by installing combo update. Sorry for disturbing. Please, remove this thread.
  4. Hello! I'm trying to get my card recognized by OS X Snow Leopard. My card is nVidia Quadro 600 (DevID 0df8; VenID 10de). I have nVidia for Mac driver version 256.02.25f1v1. When I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes bootloader option I have some kind of "huge pixel" image after boot - menu bar is solid white and dock is solid black, desktop is filled with dark-blue and purple squares (like pixels from wallpaper Aurora). I can select menu items, but I'm doing it like blind... I can't describe this as a full picture (sorry for my poor English), but I'd like to know if someone had same symptoms using GraphicsEnabler; it would be great to know the reason of this issue and ways to escape it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Searching Marvell 88SE6480 kext

    Thank you for your reply. I've tried this extension - it has loaded successfully - but there's no signs of controller to be recognized. Do you have any other idea of what can make OS X see this controller as SAS/hardware RAID? PS About this page (Station Drivers) - I've already been there some time ago - thanks anyway. My question is still open.
  6. Hello! I'm currently looking for a way to run Marvell 88SE6480 onboard SATA/SAS controller in Snow Leopard. In the configuration of my workstation it has following DEV/VEN IDs: 0x648511ab. Is there any compatible kernel extensions for this chip? Thanks in advance. PS Sorry for my poor English