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The missing element...

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After a period of over two months, it appears that I finally managed to come close to getting a functional Hackintosh laptop. A success that I would ascribe to a persevering nature. :)

In order to do so, I had to use a tutorial that I found on the net which requires the use of a 8GB+ flash drive, "iAtkos L2' and "Chimera 1.8." However, after finalizing the making of the bootable flash drive, my computer seems to indicate that something is still missing.

As I try to boot up from the prepared USB, the chimera interface shows up. Then, I proceed by selecting the iAtkos image in verbose mode. And once I do so, the apple logo appears for a brief period time (less than a second) and then shows the screen shown in the attached thumbnail.


As a result, I'm seeking the assistance of this forum to help me find a solution. Thanks in advance. :D


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Have you seen this?



No actually I didn't until you referred it to me. By watching it thought, I was able to understand that I need to enter the following: cpus=1 busratio=20 -f

By doing so, I was able to get rid of the kernel panic (which I consider as progress) yet, I am now facing another issue. This is what shows up when I do it:


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No actually I didn't until you referred it to me.


Google much? It's the second hit on google when searching "Envy 14 Hackintosh"!


"Still waiting for root device" is in the top 3 of most frequently asked about issues since the beginning of Hackintosh history.


It means that OS X can't see your hard drive controller.


A. Your installation method does not include a driver for the hard drive controller in the Envy 14.

Find out which make and model it is and use an installation method that includes the proper driver for it.




B. Set the drive controller to AHCI in the BIOS (often not possible on laptops)




C. Use a USB flash drive and install to an external drive connected via USB, then you will not have this problem.


You must have missed this link posted next to the video: http://wiki.osx86pro...bles#Hp_14_envy

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