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A couple of years ago, my older brother's Windows based computer gave up the ghost. It was several years old and he couldn't afford to buy a new one. I did a tech house call and discovered that the file system on the hard drive had been trashed. His son had owned the computer prior to this incident so it was getting pretty long in the tooth. ie. no backups or install disks.


I told him I could try installing linux on the existing hard drive. At the time, PCLinuxOS was pretty hot. It was even giving Ubuntu a run for the money over on Distrowatch. It advertised ease of use and came with drivers and codecs that would allow him to do the stuff he likes to do... web surf and email....


Long story short, I re-formatted and re-petitioned his drive and installed PCLinuxOS. It worked!


You must remember, my bother is a retired and on a fixed income. He has practically zero computer experience, all Windows and basically an appliance operator.


PCLinuxOS did exactly what he needed. He was able to surf the internet, watch is ? rated videos, email and forward lots of spam. ;) It ran like this for over two years without any upgrades or maintenance on my part.


When it finally gave up the ghost for good, he bought a package deal at Walmart.


Bottom line: PCLinuxOS is a great beginner system loaded with all of the necessary graphics codecs to keep an appliance operator happy.


PCLinuxOS just happens to have a new version published last month. Give it a try, it may be your go to system to keep a needy family member happy.



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I am a great PCLinuxOS enthusiast, as one can see by reading some of my previous posts :)

It is my second favourite after Debian.

I used to like its "cousin" Mandriva as well, but their future is now uncertain.

OT. Fos, I love your English :)

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I never got around to Mandriva. My favorite from the days where you purchased a distro was Libranet. Prior to that it was Suse. Suse was really good since it had support for amateur radio applications. Mandriva has been on the ropes for several years. Redhat seems to be the only one that can monetize Linux with any success.


// my English!!!!


I'm just a souther boy from Texas and Florida, I actually struggle with the language. You should see my marks from secondary school!


Thanks for the compliment,


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