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  1. Just staring, NAS Project

    Thanks for the info. It does sound like a fun project. I'm leaving for Germany tomorrow. I'll be back as soon as I get internet set up in my apartment. fos
  2. gcc deprecated?

    Did you ever think gcc would be deprecated? Well, FreeBSD sure thinks clang is up to the task. Read the Phoronix article here.
  3. [New!] Linux Distributions Poll

    I agree. Setting up the X Window display setting has always been a PITA. In the early days when you had to manipulate the config file directly with a text editor was very painful. Added to that, you could fry your display if the settings were wrong. That is just one of the boon and/or bane issues of having so many third party graphics cards and displays available for the PC environment. Apple solved that issue by only allowing and supporting their own hardware. I like Apple's hardware but it does have its limitations and problems, one of which is significantly higher prices. An experience Linux guru can get just about anything out of a piece of hardware but a newbie may just throw up his hands and go back to WinXX
  4. Just staring, NAS Project

    Hi RapidEye, It looks like an interesting project. I do have a few initial questions. 1. It has two drive bays. What type and size drives do you have installed? is. Brand and model 2. How old are the drives and how much time do they have on them. 3. Are you going to configure them as Raid 1 or 0? That is a start. I will download the install software and see what I can figure out in that direction. I will be traveling to Germany in a day or two. I may be off the net for as much as two weeks. The last time I was over there it took forever to get connected. fos
  5. The May issue of BSD Magazine is out. It focuses on security issues this month. It is a free download.
  6. does anyone like gnome shell/ eg gnome 3

    I just read the SolusOS 1 is now released. It uses Gnome for its desktop and is based on Debian Stable. When I find some time, I'll give Solus a try and let you know what I think. fos
  7. Raspberry Pi has an online magazine called MagPi. It looks pretty slick. You can view and download the new mag at: http://www.themagpi.com/#
  8. Intel is set to introduce a motherboard that will give the Raspberry Pi some competition in the second half of this year. It will accept Core i3 and i5 processors making it much more capable than the RPi. It will also include a good lineup of connectivity. It is expected to be in the $100 dollar range and will be approximately 4" x 4" in size. Sounds like more fun for experimenters. Intel - Next Unit of Computing
  9. getting grub off my mbr, for lion duel boot

    Here is a link to a procedure using fdisk. A solution like that has worked for me between Win XX and Linux. It might be worth consideration if you are still having problems. fos
  10. SOS: Save Our Slackware?

    I intend to purchase a set of disks and the 3rd edition of the Slackbook when it comes out of beta, which should be soon. (You can download the beta version from the slackbook page.
  11. SOS: Save Our Slackware?

    Slackware was the first truly viable Linux distro. At the time I had tried yagsdrasil and some other stuff painfully downloaded from UNC but Slackware could be purchased as a set of disks through the mail. I believe I noted on an earlier post that I ran it on a Zeos 386 notebook and did my homework for a unix/c class rather than wait in line for one of three unix terminals to a sequent computer in the computer lab. It is still Slackware and still lorded over by Patrick V. It is a very stable and conservative distro. It will work. I ran down the rumors and looked at various sources. It seems that the main Slackware site is running on an old server. They do have a mirror that can also be accessed. It doesn't seem that they are going anywhere. They are still ranked 16th at distrowatch so there is quite a bit of interest. These rumors will probably give them a boost. If you have the spare bucks (??? in these times) buy the Slackbook or make a donation. It is a venerable distro and worth saving. fos
  12. GRML

    When I started with computers graphic displays were still years away. I can still remember some of the early ones. I was amazed at the "picture quality" displays you could see at the dealer. These were mostly static pictures, video was still a long way off in computer terms. The first usable video I ever had was on an IBM Thinkpad 760 CD that was way too expensive, I'm embarrassed to say. I still have a tinge of remorse sitting here typing on my MacBook Pro with a Quad Core i7 with accelerated graphics doing little more than typing a text article. The only time I really warm this thing up is when I render video with 64 bit Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5. There is a distro that still warms my text based heart. It is called grml and it is available at grml.org It is technically called an administrator's distro. It has all the text based admin utilities the best hacker or hacker security officer could ever want. But for me, it starts up in text mode. You have all of the utilities that made Unix famous, little utilities such a vi, bash, csh, and zsh which is the default. If you are comfortable with bash you can use zsh. Bash is a subset of zsh. If you happen to have low vision, grml is for you (as is vinux). The kernel and supplied software will get you going. If you have an OLD computer with limited resources, grml will probably work. I find it fun and it satisfies my miserly bones.
  13. New Puppy Linux released

    Puppy Linux is a very nice small distro with a good following. I have been watching it recently since it may be a good candidate for a small version of Linux to run on the Raspberry Pi. Some of Puppy's members are working on an ARM kernel. I'll have to review TinyCore here. It is very functional, modular, and much smaller than Puppy. These small distros remind of the old days when elegant and small were considered virtues. Computers have so much resources now, bloat is the name of the game.
  14. Mac Flashback Malware

    Another Java based attack on OS X
  15. In case you haven't heard, there is a trojan going around that exploits a weakness in mac java. The best article I have read which includes a couple of detection scripts and a remedy in case you are infected is located at Fox News: Mac Flashback Malware Take a look. fos