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Incomplete shutdown/reboot after 10.6.8 update (CPU halted)


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After 10.6.8 update I get the following message when shutting down:

CPU halted: It's now safe to turn off your computer

And computer freezes, I have to long press the power button to switch it off. Reboot leads to a similar message and freeze as well.


Using the 10.8.0 legacy kernel from nawcom.

Acer Aspire 5536g


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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What are the messages before the CPU halted message? I had a same kinda problem today, Nawcom's 10.8.0 Legacy kernel.

The fsck_hsf didn't work correctly with my 8GB of ram. The solution was to boot to single-user-mode with -s boot flag and run the following commands:



/sbin/mount -uw /

mv /sbin/fsck_hfs{,.orig}

printf '#!/bin/bash\nexec  /sbin/fsck_hfs.orig -c512m "$@"' > /sbin/fsck_hfs

chmod +x  /sbin/fsck_hfs


After that the computer boot normally, 32bit apps didn't crash or anything. :P

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